About Uziel Productions

Uziel Productions is a registered limited company run and directed by Jill Thrussell.  Originally Jill Thrussell had avoided the entrepreneurial aspect of writing and directing but it soon became more and more clear that this was the only way to achieve things and actually make real productions. 

Jill Thrussell wrote her first television programme at just thirteen years of age which was featured and appeared on the national television channel of the country she lived in.  She diverted from her writing career due to family responsibilities and has recently returned as a writer and upcoming director.

Therefore now she has started seeking real financing to produce her own projects through her own production banner Uziel Productions.

Jill Thrussell also recently started to design a Virtual Realty, Holographic VR and Augumented Cubicles for use at home.  These cubicles are designed to provide a fully immersive experience and can be used with laptops, TV set top boxes, netbooks, used to view content from internet websites or access apps from mobile phones or laptops and games consoles.   More information can be found on the Uziel Productions Website.   Alongside information about luxury cubicles which offer seating inside them for up to two or three persons.