I DO, or.. I DON'T?

The Story

Two females friends and their best gay friend Phoenix decide to hold a dating marathon and devise a series of 'Manchecks' which they carry out on unsuspecting candidates.  Phoenix who is a total nerdy genius assists them in their quest with the personal interactive computer companion he has created called Ulysses.  However things start to become slightly more complex when one of the woman starts to fall for a man that fails all the Manchecks and they discover that one of the eligible men that is a participant in the dating marathon has actually devised some 'Womanchecks' of his own.   Written by Jill Thrussell.



"What do you think drives a human being more strongly needs or desires?"Jill Thrussell

"Some people sacrifice everything they need for something they desire." Jill Thrussell

"Look marriage is a contract right? So I'd just call it 'Precontractual Negotiations." Jill Thrussell

"How do you like your women? Happy, upbeat and flirty or downtrodden, miserable and suffering?" Jill Thrussell

This film is developed from The Rich List, Ambitions, Venus Honey Traps, Bet on Love, Mans Bible, Woman's Bible, Does Love Exist (2004), Ambitions and a few other pieces of work I have written over the years. The title 'I Do or I Don't?' was the title of a chapter in a book that I wrote a few years ago.