The Story

Set in a futuristic world robots can be made to order from a global technology and artificial intelligence company called BrainScan Inc to suit precise requirements.   Consumers can order readymade families, dates, spouses, companions, prostitutes and even mercenaries.  They can personally design and create a robot like humans giving them the character traits, physical build and personalities they desire known as Specbots.  Or they can load the DNA of a dead loved one that can be implanted into the robot of their choice these robots are known as Impbots.  Within this futuristic society people are divided into Significants and Undesirables. Within the robotic system there are five tiers of robots and purchasers must learn to control their robots day to day activities with their minds.

However when an anomaly is found that is infecting the artificial intelligence systems that control the robots with dangerous and unpredictable results, Humantics leads a revolution headed by Benton Hunting. When Venus joins the revolution however she finds out there are deeper secrets that she first anticipated.

Written by Jill Thrussell.

In the Game:

Players will be able to select from and morph into different members from a team which consists of Humans, Robots and & Robotic Hybrids for particular quests but this will not be pre-determined and it will be up to the player to decide on the best team member for special quests and you can only morph into a team member if that character is not already taken by another player (multi-player mode).  Humans can have skills and knowledge updates but only Robots or Robot Hybrids can have robotic upgrades.

Other features will include weapons such as: HATE bombs which can be thrown to make a crowd of people attack each other or LOVE bombs which can be utilized to distract enemies and slip past them.  Things such as weather, tornado, hurricane and earthquake bombs, disguises and the ability to control some enemies through mind jumps where their actions can be controlled by special darts with implants which are shot out of the arm of a particular team member and allow you to control them.  Synch also provides access to a temporary robot army but that weapon can only be accessed at particular times.  Other features will include the ability to steal knowledge, information and data from target's minds through Mind Hacks and trade it on the underground market.

Three book series.

Humantics (Humantics) first book/film in series.

Significants (Humantics) Follow on from Humantics where robots and humans have been divided into a class system based on how well they conform and influence others. Conformists and Influencers are classified as Significants they are rewarded and given priority; Failures and Opposers are isolated and dubbed Undesirables and cast out.

Robots have now managed to take over the world and human's are separated into two categories the Significants and the Undesirables. Undesirables are breed to provide slave labor for the maintenance of the world systems and serve the robots and Significant masters.

Undesired (Humantics)


“Cultivation and refinement are beautiful human characteristics but don't they also constrain those they inhibit?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Condemnation is a loathsome and ugly lover. Not fit for the purposes of even a casual interlude. Don't you think?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Each of our robots are finely tuned with cognitive and logical programming. Their emotional responses, powers of logical reasoning and inbuilt personalities allow for a truly unique interaction with each owner. They are the closest emulation of human life, artificial life forms and intelligence can provide.”

“Ladies and gentlemen meet Eva our top spec prototype. She really can be anything you want her to be. Your lover, your friend, your enemy, your killer, your deceased loved on brought back to life or even your child." Marcus Natches explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“I create not only robots that represent your departed loves ones by incorporating their DNA into robotic form." Morgue verified.  "I also formulate past historical figures from DNA samples on fossils and objects which I can make into duplicates if I so desire. Can you imagine Hitler, Aristotle and Freud having lunch together without the scientific complexities of time travel? Can you imagine what they could do with a little robotic engineering to enhance their minds and today's technology at their fingertips?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“They call me Synch, I'm a robot whose been created from the DNA of a variety of revolutionaries and martyrs from the past."  Sync replied.  "When the time is right Benton Hunting will duplicate me to make an army of robotic revolutionaries to fight in the rebellion against Brain Scan Inc and their robots. I'm a collective not a singular entity. I exist and act in collective unison, not by the volition of individual will.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“From what I know Benton both Adapter and Future went rogue. They rebelled against Brainscan and escaped, the last time I saw them they were operating some shady underground outfit giving human beings DNA enhancement injections and allowing them to trade their futures and pasts for vast sums of money.” He explained to Benton Hunting as he glanced at his face and shook his head. ~ Jill Thrussell

“He explained with delight as he gazed around the room at his captive audience. "Einstein is one of our robots, he actually controls the substitution division, we had to develop a robotic scientist as the tasks required were beyond human comprehension; he assigns human minds to robotic bodies so they can live a variety of life's, some adults wish they could relive their childhood again, through our Substitution system, now you actually can.” ~ Jill Thrussell


Meet the Characters

Benton Hunting

Benton Hunting is the founder of Humantics. At the end of the film when Venus has started to emotionally attach herself to him she discovers he's a rogue robot. He rebelled against Brain Scan and reprogrammed himself. He then became a defender of human life against robots when they started to kill human beings. The Tritan massacre event triggered his defection where over 100 human beings were murdered by robots accidentally due to Brain Scans experiments.



Female robot who is an optimal model she has been installed with the highest emotional, rational and logical programming available. She is used in an experiment to establish if a host robot can carry a human pregnancy to full term through artificial insemination.


Skin technologist that engineered the growth of human skin cells so robots can have human flesh.


Nickname of the scientist who runs the Imp bots division. He manages the day to day aspects of downloading DNA of dead loved ones for the purposes of robot installations.


Robotic lord who governs the courts for the rights of Robots.


Paedatric/Maternity Doctor and Scientist responsible for the maternity and attempted birth of human baby that is being hosted in the female robot Abstract.


Child robot who is allocated through the Family Allocation Unit.


Created to control the Substitution Division of Brain Scan Inc.  He allocates human minds to alternative bodies through mind probe technology. 


Robot that goes rogue from Brain Scan's clutches organizes DNA enhancement for human beings and mind adaptation injections.  Previously was in control of the Human Adaptation Unit at Brain Scan.


Once a treasured robot in charge of the Futures and Memories Department of Brain Scan where through mind probe technology he amended human memories and assisted them in realigning their futures, future goes rogue and is asked to join the rebellion.


A combination of the DNA from over 1000 matyrs and revolutionaries from history.  Synch is a collective robot that possesses very special skills.



Adopted into a human family as a surrogate child, Enigma is raised as a human and only discovers she isn't once she becomes a young adult.  Her life spent immersed in human culture and the fact she has been raised in a human family, provides her with a unique, empathetic understanding of humanity and the struggles of being human. Recruited to join in the rebellion she easily aligns to the human cause, due to her humanistic bonds and childhood experiences.




Spin Offs

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  • Substitution/Enigma
  • Manetics

Spin off Series

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