The Story

Famous actor is cast in a starring role and his agent insists he should research the role by working in a fast food joint as part of the role requires this and he needs to be convincing. This is the role that will win him the awards and fame he's yearned for most of his career but been denied, so he agrees to participate. He falls in love with a employee who doesn't know who he is, a foreigner who is at the bottom of the fast food chain ladder and they start a romance. Some of the employees start to suspect his real identity and start to kiss his ass hoping to win favor.  Romantic comedy. Written By Jill Thrussell.


Mike Truffles

Famous actor who career is taking a tumble, struggling to regain the recognition and acting fees he once used to receive.


Nutty a nerdaholic male wins the 'Be a Personal Ass Kisser for Mike Truffles for A Week' Prize at a charity auction Mike participated in and is allocated to be his Personal Ass Kisser during one of the week's he's working at the fast food joint. He starts to compete to maintain his official title as he notices some of the fast food joint employees are kissing Mike's ass better than he is and are starting to outshine him. Meanwhile the fast food employees who are ass kissing are pretending they don't know who Mike really is. The competition intensifies and Nutty becomes more and more determined to catch them out and prove to Mike they do know his real identity.


Fanny takes quite a shine to Mike Truffles and insists she is a Cougar ready to be his sugar mummy. Appearance is not so important as you'll be provided with extra bits.


Feisty, beautiful, voluptuous, competitive. Rowan was Mike Truffles co-star in a prior hit. She won a huge award for her role and Mike didn't. She is thorn in his side and taunts him constantly about her achievement. They used to date back in drama school. Her agent competes with his and she is constantly trying to upstage him.


Mike's new love interest.


Fast Food Store Manager



Mike Truffles Agent


Ass kissing fast food employee.

Mike Truffles Conscience

The voice of reason that challenges Mike's actions.