Humantics: Vixens

The Story

Logline: Raquel is assigned to run the Vixen Unit a special branch of Brain Scan a Robotics company.  The goal of the unit is to provide a robotic solution to human heartbreak, disappointments and betrayal.  Along with her team of six robots she aims to solve love crimes, repair broken hearts and solve romantic dilemma's presented to her by clients. Written by Jill Thrussell.

Tagline: Providing a robotic solution to human heartbreak. ~ Jill Thrussell


Set in a futuristic world robots can be made to order from a global technology and artificial intelligence company called BrainScan Inc to suit precise requirements. Consumers can order readymade families, dates, spouses, companions, prostitutes and even mercenaries. They can personally design and create a robot like humans giving them the character traits, physical build and personalities they desire. Or they can load the DNA of a dead loved one that can be implanted into the robot of their choice. Within this futuristic society people are divided into Significants and Undesirables.

When human's are disappointed, stood up or have their hearts broken by lovers; a stand in is arranged by the Vixen unit a new division of BrainScan Inc. The objective of the Vixen Unit is to repair emotionally broken humans, catch cheating spouses and a variety of other emotionally involved assignments connected to romance. The Brain scan robots in the Vixen Unit are specifically trained to solve the love crimes and repair the destruction caused. These Perfectus robots posses optimal; intellectual, cognitive, emotional and social abilities, making them undetectable as robots to the humans they are assigned to interact with. Sidequel from Humantics.  Written by Jill Thrussell.


“Experimental work was underway at BrainScan Inc. An attempt was being made to artificially inseminate fertile eggs into a female host to establish whether human life could be formed and a pregnancy carried to full term by a robot.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Human minds were a fragile place. The composite elements of ego, emotion, intellect and logical reasoning produced unique conclusions within each person's mind, resulting in variable eventualities.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“They weren't technically human but that was neither here nor there and was totally irrelevant. They looked immaculate and they were the personification of politeness, good manners and perfect etiquette.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Our emotions are finely tuned. We encapsulate and emanate only what uis necessary and required.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Isn't everythinbg human beings see subjective? Our capabilities and limitations reduce the countless time wasting meanderings of what is possibly true and eliminates everything that is ambigious. Our life is very simple.” ~ Jill Thrussell


Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 : Showcasing the Vixens

Raquel receives her briefing on her assignment to the Vixens Unit. Zanthia the technician prepares the robots ensuring they can fulfill the unit's objectives. Raquel organizes a showcase event where the robots meet potential clientele.

Episode 2 : Lingering Compassion

Episode 3 : Safeguarding the Inheritance

Episode 4 : Deceptive Illusions

Episode 5 : Captivating Dilemma's

Episode 6 : Diplomatic Diplomacy

Episode 7 : Conflict Beyond Constraints

Episode 8 : Robotic Romance & Restoration