The Story

Robots have managed to finally take over the world and have created a colony where human Insignificant s can be contained. Humans in the colony are only allowed out on leads and allowed to participate in procreation activities and sexual pleasure. Manetic's Inc runs the colony where men are contained.

Run and managed by Robots this colony treats Insignificant's separated by the segregation regime as breeding captives to generate human slaves.
Written by Jill Thrussell


“We used to be Kings now we are beggars. We used to be leaders, now we are dogs We used to be fathers now we are sperm donors. Now we have nothing. No dignity, no honor and no self respect..” ~ Jill Thrussell

“You know as well as I do that's not possible. Men had to be contained so humanity could survive. They were killing each other in tortureous acts of violence. He has to go to the colony immediately. I'm sorry. I can't let you keep your son.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“The desperate mother began pleading with the nurse with as hopelessness flooded through every pore of her skin. “Please let me keep him. I'll grow his hair long and dress him like a girl.  Noone will know. He's all I've got.“. She knew she was defeated even before she started but she still had to try. She begged for him. Pleaded for him. Searching for a glimmer of hope in abyss of despair.” ~ Jill Thrussell




Aspen is the man who created the colony Manetics to begin with. He built it and operates as a silent, majority shareholder. Medina and Lucia are the other two primary stakeholders.

Female Impregnation Candidates

Several women appear in the story who are impregnated and who the male slaves attempt to impregnate as part of their required work whilst at the colony.


Kegan is the instigator of the rebellion. He is a thinker, intense and at times callous, fiery and rebellious. Whilst in the colony he faces off against Layla who is his slave master. He challenges her, then later appears to appease her just to initiate his escape more easily. He then plots to murder her during a fertility fulfillment session where he is selected to impregnate a birthing candidate from the Pregnancy Waiting List.