The Story

Logline:  In the near future a totalitarian system exists which exports young people born with special gifts and superior intelligence due to genetic conditioning, trading them on a Human Capital Market.  Bethany and Rowan fight for their right to love, their right to exist and their right to live in a world that will not accept their relationship and insists on separating them.  Written by Jill Thrussell.  

Synopsis:  The year is 2030 and a new world power controls and manages the world; the new totalitarian system has been implemented world wide and leaders are allocated from the main world power to rule individual nations.  Human beings are now assets which countries trade openly on a market called 'The Human Market'.  Children and childbirth must be licensed and authorized by the government of each nation and once a child is eight years old their career path and vocation is identified through a process called 'Allocation'.  Once allocated you must comply with your chosen career path.

Some individuals who have been flagged for 'Exportation' are then exported at the age of 25 to the country that has been identified as your 'Recipient Receiving Nation'.  Those who are not flagged for 'Exportation' are not allowed to leave the country of their origins.  Each export  is gifted with unique gifts and superior intelligence due to genetic conditioning their parents agreed to participate in, though some gifted youngsters are permitted to stay in their current country of residence, many are flagged for trading.   There are ten identified gifts that Exports possess, the rarest is Predictionary Insight which Bethany is bestowed with.  These gifts coupled with their superior intellect makes them exceedingly valuable to their exporting nation. 

The team that enforces this work for the world governing authority and are known as 'The Enforcers'.  Those who oppose the system are classified by the government as 'Detractors'.  The Enforcers usually appear in middle of the night without warning, to remove young people from their families, loved ones and friends to avoid emotional complexities. 

Rowan and Bethany, a young couple fall in love but Bethany is destined to be 'Exported' and she is fast approaching the age where she will be taken.   They discover an secret underground world and network established by Slade the leader of the Detractors who hides them as they partake in game of survival, pitting their skills against the Enforcers who are always searching for runaway Exports.

They fight for their right to love, their right to exist and their right to live in a world that will not accept their relationship and insists on separating them.  Written by Jill Thrussell. 

Tagline: Every life has a price.

A fight to exist in a world where love can banned and your life dictated by the highest bidder. Exports have no choice. ~ Jill Thrussell

Children born with these genetic enhancements are classified into one of seven categories according to their gifts.  At the school and in the research institute they are classified into Clans some children bear elements of more than one gift but they are usually classified by their strongest.

Perspective Insighters (Pers)

Computational Wizards (Wizards)

Cognitive Rapids (Rapids)

Manipulating Mindwalkers (Walkers)

Empathetic Sensors (Emps)

Dream Scanners (Scanners)

Technopoids (Techs)


“Rowan had smiled at me with his flashy,provocative grin and I’d fallen straight into crushery, fast and hard. Crushery is that special place where you know you have a crush but you don’t dare admit it to anyone just yet. Sometimes you don’t even admit it to yourself.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I’d arrived at the moment I dreaded for so long. My final assessment was now going to be made. I would be scientifically analyzed, prepared for trading on the human market and deported. Within me I yearned to resist, find a way out.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Deep within part of me despised them for this. I despised them. I despised the system.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I despised that the love between Rowan and I was somehow deemed impure, dirty, by a system that deemed it wrong and unlawful.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Could human beings be purely logical? Could we live a life without love? Could we be functional beings just existing to fulfill the requirements of the higher powers who governed our world, our nations and our lives?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“The Enforcers came for you in the middle of the night I heard. To avoid complicated emotional complexities with distraught families. They took you and you never came back. I hated them. I hated this. I hated their system. I hated the world they had created.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“You know Rowan I'm just trying to find a right in this world of wrongs.“ I murmured as I gazed up at his perfect face, searching for answers within his smile, wondering earnestly, if he could provide the right I was yearning to find. “The world we live in doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense.“ I explain. ~ Jill Thrussell

“I'm a Walker." Darcia explained as she walked around the room and smiled at Bethany sarcastically. "If I just touch anything your DNA has been in contact with, I can walk amongst your thoughts and manipulate them. If I really wanted to I could take your 'lesser' Rowan in two minutes. Your so lucky Bethany he's not my type, though he is starting to grow on me.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I see things in two ways Curran, I can look into your eyes and see events from your past, present and future." Bethany explained. "I can visualize things or I can feel them. The only problem is I can't utilize my gift with anyone I've had any kind of physical contact with.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“How can your fate be decided before you've even begun to live?" Bethany asked Rowan as she gazed into his eyes, her voice heavy as it carried the burdens of illogical circumstances and the paradox of irrational realities, her own existence the root of a complexity her mind simply couldn't comprehend or accept. ~ Jill Thrussell

“I have to accept the fact that my parents rolled a dice when they agreed to modify my genetic structure." Bethany explained. "They ignored that one day perhaps I would have desires of my own. They sacrificed my right to choose my future, before I was even born. I have to live with that everytime I look at them.” ~ Jill Thrussell

Bethany! Slade replied as he gazed into her eyes and smiled reassuringly at her. "Your life is more than just the sum of your parents choices and mistakes, you have the opportunity now, to live it, savor it and change it. Don't take that chance for granted, it may not arise again and you never know when the flames of freedom may be extinguished.” ~ Jill Thrussell