Humantics: Abstract

The Story

Abstract a female robot engineered by Kai for Brain Scan, can host pregnancies of human children. In an exploration of her surrogacy for human benefactors the nightmare of the robotic anomalies become fully manifest.

During the pregnancy Abstract implants some robotic strands into the children's brains so that she can monitor their emotional and physical well being and communicate with them at times telepathically. She discreetly continues to mother the children she has given life too, unbeknown to Kai.  When their human parents fail them in actions she feels are negligent, she steps in; abducts the children and disappears. Kai is the biological parents only means of tracking Abstract down and it becomes a race against time as they face the reality,

When they finally find Abstract in a huge face off; Abstract threatens to kill the children and terminate herself, rather than give the children back to the parents they were assigned too.

Sidequel from the Humantics trilogy.

She gave them life! Now She can't let them go... ~ Jill Thrussell

Human Errors Invoke Deadly Terrors!!