The Story

The story of Abstract has now been incorporated into a one larger project called Substitutes.

A pioneering, innovative experiment is undertaken by Brain Scan Inc and allocated to Kai one of their engineers, who is tasked with creating a female robot that can host pregnancies of human children in an attempt to provide a solution to couples struggling with fertility issues.  The surrogate, female robot Kai manages to create is referred to as Abstract and she is programmed with optimal intuitive capabilities in order to allow human interactions and the child bearing process to be as seamless as possible. Several childless couples are selected by Brain Scan Inc. to participate in the implementation of the surrogacy program from a huge waiting list and the potential benefactors cooperate willingly as they seek to enjoy the solution that science and technology is offering to provide, which up until that point in time, nature has denied them.

The project known as Artificial Intelligence Robotic Surrogacy (AIRS) initially seems to be a tremendous success as childless human couples welcome their desired offspring, who are birthed without any complications or health issues, into their families and homes and then prepare for parenthood.  Unknown to Kai however, Abstract due to her enhanced intuitive capabilities, bonded with the children she birthed in a more maternal manner than was predicted by the scientists at Brain Scan Inc. and throughout her period of pregnancy implanted some robotic strands inside the children's neural systems and brains in order to monitor their emotional and physical well being.

The telepathic connection and communication between Abstract and her children is invisible to the entire human world as she discreetly and silently continues to mother the children she has given life too, but when the children's human parents fail their children in ways that Abstract feels are unacceptable and negligent, she quickly steps in, abducts her offspring and removes them from their care. A race against time starts to present itself as the children's biological, human parents suddenly realize, Kai is their only means and hope of tracking down both Abstract and their children.

Brain Scan Inc. accepts responsibility for the nightmarish, robotic anomalies that appear to have fully manifest and agree to hunt Abstract down but once the task force they assign, manages to locate Abstract and the children, they quickly begin to realize retrieving the children alive will not be simple as they thought. A huge confrontation and stand off with a robotic mother that is unwilling to compromise then takes place as Abstract refuses to release the children to their care and she threatens to end the children's lives and then to terminate herself. The company that created Abstract are then faced with the horrific reality that sometimes scientific solutions can create more problems than they actually solve and that the role of playing God can be a rocky, treacherous path that can ultimately lead to more human tragedy than comfort.  Written by Jill Thrussell.

Human Errors Invoke Deadly Terrors!!!

 She gave them life! Now She can't let them go. ~ Jill Thrussell



Abstract is part of the Humantics Universe and a sidequel to the main Humantics Trilogy.