The Story

Celt works in the Memory Replacement Program for Anamnesis providing memory replacement therapy to clients overwriting details from the past they want to change. One of the female clients he encounters however presents him with a challenging journey into her memories, her past and the scars she bears. As he explores how she became confined to a wheelchair he starts to fall in love with her struggle, her wounds and her innocence.

Celt starts to unravel the horrific history of her memories some of which she has blocked out and forgotten through the trauma of the accident. One day whilst out he spots Evangeline's husband out with another woman. He discovers she is attending the clinic secretly and it transpires there is a dark mystery over the accident which caused her to be wheelchair bound. As he uncovers the secrets of her situation and circumstances it transpires her husband is not the innocent supportive partner he is supposed to be.

He can change how it happened.  He can change who was there.  But he can't change the consequences.





Evangeline looked at Celt nervously as she approached him. "Which are the most common memories you're requested to replace?"

Celt smiled as he paused.  "Virginal memories. It's a very popular request. So many people want to change how they lost their virginity." He replied as he smiled at her curiosity. ~ Jill Thrussell

He can change how it happened.  He can change who was there.  But he can't change the consequences. ~ Jill Thrussell

Evangeline's father had ignored Brad's absence and never even so much as questioned it as if Brad's presence was non-sequitor and redundant; Brad was simply a factor her father seemed to have no interest in at all and since her accident Brad has avoided him like the plague. ~ Jill Thrussell

“The memory mapping system is an intrinsic part of the Memorize system once your memories are uploaded into it and mapped accordingly, your memory therapy sessions can begin; you only have one Memory Evangeline and if its corrupted by fragmented recollections we try to restore those and eliminate any horrors they contain. Celt explained.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Celt knew he couldn't possibly undo the damage Brad had caused to Evangeline's life; he hoped in some small way he could soothe the burdens she had to carry as a result of his horrific abuse.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I have some great news Celt. I've accepted an offer from an investor to fund an expansion of Amnesia Incs work: we'll now be moving into the arena of full memory transplants, trading of futures and pasts and exploration of possible memory synchronization, I want you to utilize your knowledge to head the new division. Professor Hume explained. Consider it a promotion with a very lucrative pay rise.” ~ Jill Thrussell

Evangeline realized that Brad's absence or presence was now simply ignored by her father, who never even so much as questioned it as if Brad was an irrelevant, non-sequitor, redundant entity in his sight somehow; Brad was simply a factor her father seemed to have no interest in at all and since her accident Brad had also avoided him like the plague. ~ Jill Thrussell

Deep within Celt succumbed to the obvious reality he could no longer ignore as his feelings twirled inside him like a whirlpool, Evangeline was not just a client anymore, there was a prodding within him like a hot iron that urged him to commit to her as a man and he longed to become a permanent fixture in her life and heart instead of just a tourist on brief vacations that ended all too abruptly.  ~ Jill Thrussell

Doubts surrounding his intentions towards Evangeline did not exist in Celt's mind, he knew they were as pure as the snowflakes that drifted to the ground to rest in the midst of winter; he realized however intentions were like an invisible robe that no third party could see, feel, seek comfort or place trust In, they simply adorned the bearer and provided them with warmth, whilst the potential receiver simply waited in the cold, empty passageways of hope until the promises and aspirations they created materialized into something of substance, actually transpired or were abandoned through frustration and despair.  ~ Jill Thrussell

The day prompted Celt to reflect as he acknowledged the frustrating reality, he had only just entered Evangeline's life a few months before and although they'd ventured over some very emotionally murky terrain and scaled some cliffs in the midst of the mountains of trauma from her past, which he guided her through, there were still some more truths to face and pains to bear and there was actually no reason Evangeline should trust him anymore than she trusted Brad. ~ Jill Thrussell

Her mind meandered into the jungle like chaos of fear as she explored the reality that one day perhaps she may be presented with undeniable evidence that she could not refute, doubt or reject about Brad's infidelity; she trembled as she confronted her thoughts, her biggest fear of all that one day she may have to divorce him, she feared having to be strong enough and independent enough to face the world and provide for herself alone; she suddenly realized, she'd become complacent in the dictatorship of matrimony she wallowed in each day and had unequivocally accepted it. ~ Jill Thrussell










Professor Hume





Gus is a sex addict that doesn't have a girlfriend and his attendance at the memory clinic is primarily focused on going through some of his past sexual conquests and changing the females involved, replacing them with the hottest girls around he wished he'd had been intimate with. 


Gus's selected replacement to one of the dorky females from his past list sexual conquests.

Chantal is one of Gus's past conquests  she appears once more later in the story looking slightly older and much more attractive as Veronica takes matters into her own hands and secretly organizes a meeting between Gus and Chantal to reignite the passion between them. This also provides an extraordinary contemplation for Gus as he remembers Chantal but since the memory of their sexual intertwining has been overwritten he doesn't remember their romantic fumbling as youngsters. An award dilemma then materializes for Gus who then has to decide whether or not to confess to Chantal what he's done.