The Story

Professor Heisner a renowned specialist in his field of genetic modifications and utilization of technology to enhance human existence starts a DNA download clinic called Restructure to serve clients needs. Clients can attend the clinic and for a price have their DNA restructured through technology downloads which are implanted straight into the human body.

Talitha is hired by the professor and assigned to manage the requirements of three new clients who seek out the clinic for a variety of body enhancements and genetic modifications. However some of the clients quickly start to realize having the body you always wished for has its own problems as they attempt to overcome the historical and new obstacles in their lives with their newly acquired physical assets.

Talitha becomes submerged in the depths of superficiality as she begins to question her own satisfaction with her own physical attributes and struggles to deal with the requests from two of her clients. She quickly realizes some issues lie far beyond the scope of solutions a simple DNA Download can provide.

Professor Heisner through the actual realization of his research also begins to discover that there are more complexities involved in DNA genetic adjustments then he could ever have originally envisaged. The human dynamics create contradictions and complications he could never possibly have predicted as his some of his clients push him past the boundaries of safety that he created within his own program.   The robotic test frames and animals he utilises to conduct experiments on for Restructure his research centre, also start to create further complications as things spiral out of control and he loses a grip on the most organised and precious area of his life.

The Easy Way to Restructure Your DNA.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Glitches Series:

The Glitches Series explores the possible facilitation of technology when 'the end justifies the means' is applied to technological developments and their implementation by human beings and examines how that can result in both negative and positive outcomes.


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Genre: Sci-fi


“I endured an accident when I was in my twenties. Dean explained. I skidded on some oil on the road and ended up with a spike through my leg." He paused for a moment thoughtfully before he continued. "Will the DNA Download cover the scar on my leg? Or will it simply be engraved into my skin no matter what?" He asked.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

A sigh with relief embraced her body for the first time in a while; throughout all the superficial meanderings Talitha had encountered with her clients to date, her session with Dean today was like an ice cool breeze on a hot summer's day as she found some moments of deeper significance and clung to the sentiments of empathetic satisfaction those moments ushered in. ~ Jill Thrussell