Gitches: Downloadable

The Story

A scientist starts a new DNA Download clinic to provide clients with enhanced bodies without some of the ugly physical scars that cosmetic surgery often creates but as some of his clients rapidly discover, the unknown side effects of his procedures can actually create chaos in each of their lives.  When some of his clients seem to encounter hallucinogenic experiences that provoke them to fall in love with strangers and fear those that they already know and love, the Professor then has to rush to find a remedy that will reverse the side effects his procedures have created as he attempts to manage the chaos that his groundbreaking scientific work has induced.  Written by Jill Thrussell


A renowned scientist makes a scientific splash as he creates a corporate venture called Restructure that restructures human DNA through a combination of science and technology.  In his efforts to enhance the human existence through the provision of painless, scar free bodily enhancements however, he rapidly discovers that science itself is not as precise and predictable as he'd always assumed it to be.

Chaotic side effects suddenly start to rule the emotional attachments and romantic attractions of the clinic's clients and as the full impact of the complications begin to take root, the lives of Restructure’s clients are thrown in total disarray.  Professor Heisner is almost buried by defeat as he struggles to overcome the strange emotional impact of his ground breaking scientific procedures which result in manifestations of hate and fear towards loved ones and some very unusual, instantaneous attractions to strangers.

The crisis faced by the Professor must then be addressed, tackled and overcome as Professor Heisner attempts to correct the warped love lives and relationships that are in absolute chaos, due to his scientific shortcomings.  A race against time suddenly begins as the Professor attempts to find a way to salvage the mess and resolve the romantic chaos that his precious research work and innovative scientific procedures has created, before some of his client's lives are damaged irreparably forever.  Written by Jill Thrussell

"The past is our lesson and our guide, the present lives within us and is our constant companion but the future is our unborn child of hope."  ~ Jill Thrussell


"Ethics can be such a poor master when it comes to making a living and is far better suited to being a servant to the romantic passions in life and quite frankly although some moral standards can be really useful that usually tends to be when they seek to protect your heart as at other times, they can be a real pain in the butt."  Professor Heisner explained.

"Yes indeed, well they definitely wanted a step up in life but not an actual step up the aisle, at least not with me."  Professor Heisner agreed. 

Sometimes, Talitha suddenly realized, men weren't always just automatically naturally confident and confidence it seemed, was a suit you had to wear that quite often, someone else tailored for you with a needle of kindness and the threads of encouragement.

Life was definitely improving for Talitha and she'd definitely jumped on the right train of opportunity when she'd applied for the position at Restructure and then actually attended her interview and now, she just couldn't wait for her professional journey to commence.

"You'll never be a mouse catcher Moses."  Professor Heisner observed playfully as he watched.  "It's a good thing you're a scientist really."

Some introspective examination quietly began as Talitha's thoughts suddenly meandered into her own prejudices more deeply and she became distracted by the reality of her own attitude and the deep seeded discrimination that she held inside herself that she'd been totally unaware of up until that precise moment in time. 

"What society expects from us physically as women Renee, is not actually our responsibility in any way, shape or form."  Talitha advised.

"Thank goodness, I've been accepting the leftovers from the dating pool for so long now but now, I might actually get a chunk of rump, medium rare steak."  Renee replied as she started to giggle. 

"Everything in life is about selling an image to those around us and we are in essence a product that we want people to buy with their time, resources or their emotional commitment.  In each commercial, I just portray a lifestyle or an appearance that people might want to aspire to and then sometimes buy into."  Samson explained.

"People think they want forever and then get fed up with each other in a day."  Frank pointed out.

Weddings cost a lot and divorces can cost even more and then there's a lot of lies and disappointments in-between, it's much cheaper really just to lie to each other and disappoint without the expensive facade of a wedding."  Frank teased.

"A man can't look better than his female lover, or she'll sack him and dump him."  Frank explained.  "Trust me, women really don't like men that look better than them."

A glassy, haunted look seemed to reside inside Marcus's eyes as Talitha watched his posture crumble as he slipped even further down inside his chair but no actual words were spoken as a silent defeat continued to rule his mind, heart and tongue.

In many ways, Marcus almost reminded Talitha of a withered leaf that clung frantically onto the branch of a tree that it had once thrived upon which it was now unable to draw even a drop of nourishment from as it was sucked silently dry as it shriveled wearily towards death. 

Joy it seemed was no longer the crown and the jewel of their family, or their relationship and any joy that had once perhaps existed between a loving father and daughter had very clearly now departed and had abandoned them both a very long time ago.

Saskia was like a wild, thorny, rose bush that pricked anyone that she came into close emotional proximity to and her father seemed to be the closest victim as the thorns she bore scratched and clawed away at him as he battled to protect, shield and remain close to the daughter that he so deeply loved.

"People are not a formula Talitha and at times, they can be very unpredictable."  Professor Heisner explained.

The confidence that Professor Heisner had in Talitha seemed to be contagious as she inwardly grabbed onto the reigns of uncertainty and pushed any nagging doubts very firmly towards the back of her mind as she began to fully embrace his trust in her as a consultant and prepared to steer the horse of opportunity.

"I know, isn't it really annoying, it would be great if you could pause a minute sometimes and then make it last for an hour?"  Talitha agreed.  "Or insert a couple more hours here and there as required, or even a day when you wanted to."

Fortunately for Talitha, her workload so far had been relatively simple, easy to cope with and quite straight forward but she definitely knew that the future would bring some very tricky issues to her door and perhaps even invite some extremely complex clients into her consultation room.

"I mean, what we do here is very artificial, whereas a nature reserve is all about untouched, wild places and the preservation of wildlife with dignity and respect."  Talitha observed.

Here at Restructure, we replace the natural things with something artificial, something pretentious and something superficial whereas there, they fight to keep what's natural alive for as long as possible."   She explained.

Feelings of inadequacy and rejection weren't emotional clothes that human beings wore very comfortably and the very human desires that drove one to be wanted and accepted weren't necessarily gender specific and applied in equal measure to both men and women. 

The negative anxieties that had once cast a shadow of inadequacy across the paths of Renee's life would no longer haunt her or frustrate her as now they would be eradicated from her life completely.

Rejection would no longer be the constant companion that mocked Renee's every step and almost drowned her with painful waves of heartbreak every single day and now, Renee would feel complete.

Each particle of air seemed to be decorated with sentiments of discomfort as the tension mounted and hung over the two women's heads like an angry grey cloud that contained too much water which needed to burst in order to relieve itself so that it could drench everything below it with raindrops of distress.  

In some ways, it almost seemed as if Talitha's words had zipped straight into Lachlan's ears like a well-aimed arrow which had tried to penetrate the depths of his mind but instead that arrow had reached its destination and then just shot straight through it as her remarks had not even scratched the surface of his thoughts. 

Apparently, there didn't seem to be an ounce of fight left inside Marcus and there was zero opposition as his weary shoulders rapidly slumped down on top of his body and the large leather chair quickly became his hiding place as he shrank as far down into the leather surfaces as he could possibly go.

Now whatever Saskia wanted, Saskia usually got and Marcus had struggled as he'd watched Saskia evolve into a domineering, spoilt ruthless dictator that ruled his world without a care for anything or anyone else besides herself as her sense of entitlement had grown into an absolute monster that devoured everything in it's path. 

"Yucala I bow down before you and kiss your feet."  Talitha replied.  "Not your butt, just your feet. 

Such a large scar did not fit comfortably onto such a small part of someone's leg and it had completely devoured the flesh of Dean's calf and now only scar tissue actually remained.

A hundred dashes of romance, a portion of dedication, a cup full of charm, a heaped spoonful of devotion and a large splash of chemistry had given them both the perfect dish of love that they could consume and hungrily devour every single night, regardless of the current trends and fashion in breast sizes. 

The waters of discomfort rapidly seemed to rise up between the couple and separate them as it forced them to become two solitary islands and drowned any familiarity, attraction and desire that had once existed between them.

Between the couple now there was just an awkward distance which seemed to grow larger by the second and as those waters of discomfort quickly became fathoms deep, their solitary islands were forced further and further apart. 

All that now silently crashed against each individual shore of their respective islands was the murky waves of despair that ruthlessly separated them and maintained the distance between them and Dean knew, the waves of pleasure he'd hoped for had now completely vanished as the tide of passion had turned.

A tornado of destruction had hit their potentially passionate moment before it had fully materialized and now the debris of Chantelle's hurt emotions lay scattered across his lounge and the city of love they'd hoped to find refuge, comfort, pleasure and solace in had been completely destroyed.

An amazingly beautiful, exciting and passionate night had been planned but now, it was well and truly over and Dean's hopes had been dashed down into the murky depths of the lake of broken hearts and his heart had immediately sunk like a very heavy brick formed from nothing but pain and rejection. 

Several very negative questions that Dean dared not even ask now began to plague his thoughts and consume him as they sat inside his body like a heavy weight and completely paralyzed him. 

"Sometimes you know Dean; hope is all we really have."  Talitha suddenly said as she turned and faced him.  "Hope that there's a solution to the problems that strangle our lives with a noose of frustration, hope that we can love again when our hearts are broken and the hope that we can succeed in life when we've been trampled down into a gutter of defeat."

Dissatisfaction and discontent quickly became Saskia's closest companions as a lump of resentment suddenly stuck inside her throat and she almost gagged in absolute disgust.

Inside Saskia's mind, a sapling of displeasure had now very firmly rooted itself to each of her inner thoughts and it had rapidly begun to grow into a fully grown tree of discontent which now threatened to consume and devour every part of her. 

Seeds of disgust from tree of discontent inside Saskia's body rapidly began to exude from her pores as droplets of sweat began to prick and gather upon her forehead as she walked. 

"Unfortunately, life doesn't always provide us with therapy Sylvester and sometimes that's a gift we have to learn to give ourselves."  Talitha advised.

"You know Sylvester, I've realized one thing in life and that is that you can't keep carrying the past around with you forever.  Sometimes you have to pack up the negative events that affect you from your past, place them inside a garbage bag and then throw them in the trash and as you leave them behind and move forward in life, you leave them exactly where you found them."  She advised. 

"The past can be such an ugly place to live and sometimes, you actually have to move home, renovate your thoughts and redecorate the walls of your life with the joys of the present."  Talitha advised.

"You know Dean, acceptance is really a gift that you have to learn to give yourself before you can even hope to expect it from anyone else."  Talitha advised.

Somehow within humanity and life itself it seemed there was a contradiction, a strange paradox and an enigma that existed which hung over the cliffs of life and dangled downwards in a precarious predicament as it taunted and haunted every ounce of the human spirit and that was the unrealized desires that lay inside every human mind. 

Sometimes what human beings often perceived as the optimal choice for them was the very choice that cost them absolutely everything and at times, it could actually cost them all those they cared about and loved. 

In essence, Saskia just had greater access to material wealth and that enabled her to actually do something about the things which she observed through the eyes of her thoughts that frustrated her about her world and her own physical appearance. 

"Always remember Sylvester, the past is our lesson and our guide, the present lives within us and is our constant companion but the future is our unborn child of hope."  Talitha encouraged.

"If someone really loves us Charmaine, they'd want to give us the best of themselves, not the worst."  Talitha explained. 

"Let me tell you a secret Dean, no one really has confidence.  Confidence is just like an outfit that we clothe our minds with in order to face the world so that we can achieve things."  Talitha advised. 

Deep down inside herself, Talitha felt the traces of failure line her stomach as the final outcome to Charmaine's consultations should have been more favorable, should have been different and should have swayed more in Charmaine's favor and a sense of defeat weighed heavily down on her heart that it actually hadn't. 

Issues lay buried deep inside both their minds, underneath the rubble and debris of past pain and hurt that it seemed had formed an inescapable maze of interdependent guilt and exploitation for which it appeared, there was no simple way out or actual solution.

"Guilt can become like a debt that we carry around with us everywhere we go but that debt is never satisfied until forgiveness is given and sometimes that forgiveness is a gift we really first have to give ourselves."  Talitha advised.

Someone would always be more beautiful and someone would always possess superior physical assets and someone would always be deemed more physically attractive, in one way or another and so women were ultimately fighting a losing battle against themselves.

A unnecessary pursuit of individual physical perfection would ultimately cost them both the imperfections that had made their relationship the beautiful perfection that it currently was and by trying to add something else, they would only end up subtracting from their coupling and lose the most essential elements of the enjoyment that they shared.

Each delicate imperfect piece fitted together immaculately inside the jigsaw puzzle of the life that the couple shared and the enjoyment derived from those imperfect pieces was a direct product of their love for each other and to change anything about that would destroy the perfectly completed jigsaw.

The couple's evening continued to saunter gently along the riverbed of companionship as the waters of flirtatious entanglements were more fully explored, eagerly engaged, bravely dived into and thoroughly enjoyed. 

Wine, good food and jokes were generously shared in abundance as the evening gurgled delicately along the river of romantic possibilities and the couple flirted with the notion of a passionate meeting inside the sea of romance. 

Quite fortunately for Dean, romance was definitely not dead but technically, the two hadn't yet faced the very thorny issue that had left a stain upon his last attempt at finding love and absolutely crucified the sapling of desire upon a cross of heartbreak and that worried him slightly.

The thought of engaging in a much more committed, loving, long distance test of endurance really appealed to Renee as opposed to simply participating in several short one hundred meter sprints which usually left one out of breath and that were over in the blink of an eye. 

A bottle of romance would now be collected at the starting line and Renee would put on her shoes of commitment, since the training session and initial dates had already actually taken place as she prepared to endure a marathon of love which would be as long in distance as both she and Aaron wanted it to be. 

”Always remember Sylvestor, the past is our lesson and our guide, the present lives within us and is our constant companion and the future is our unborn child of hope.” Talitha encouraged. ~ Jill Thrussell

She definitely knew that the future would bring some tricky issues to her door and perhaps even invite some extremely complex characters into her consultation room. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Confidence it seemed was a suit you had to wear that quite often, someone else tailored for you with a needle of kindness and the threads of encouragement.“ ~ Jill Thrussell

The past can be such an ugly place to live, sometimes you have to move home, renovate your thoughts and redecorate the walls of your life with the joys of the present.“ Talitha explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Guilt is like a debt that is not satisifed until forgiveness is given and at times that forgiveness is a gift that we actually have to give ourselves.“ Talitha advised.  ~ Jill Thrussell

“A man can't look better than his female lover or she'll sack you. Trust me, women don't like men that look better than them.“ Frank explained.  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Weddings cost a fortune and divorces even more, its much cheaper just to lie to each other and disappoint each other without the expensive facade of a wedding ceremony.“ ~ Jill Thrussell

“Your mind is the most powerful tool, weapon and the best shield that you could ever possibly have. It can either destroy you or it can help you thrive, you have to learn to control it and your thoughts.“ Talitha advised. ~ Jill Thrussell

“People think they want forever and then get tired of each other in a day.“ Frank explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“In life, you can't keep carrying the past around with you everywhere you go. Sometimes, you have to pack up the negative events that affect you, put them in the garbage bin and leave them behind you, exactly where you found them.“ Talitha explained.  ~ Jill Thrussell

“When we discard the horrors that haunt us from the past, we strip them of their power and ability to destroy our future and our inner selves.“ Talitha advised. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Unfortunately, life doesn't automatically provide us with therapy Sylvester and sometimes that's a gift we have to learn to give ourselves.“ Talitha explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“People are not a formula Talitha and at times, they can be very unpredictable.“ Professor Heisner explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“I endured an accident when I was in my twenties. Dean explained. I skidded on some oil on the road and ended up with a spike through my leg." He paused for a moment thoughtfully before he continued. "Will the DNA Download cover the scar on my leg? Or will it simply be engraved into my skin no matter what?" He asked.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

A sigh with relief embraced her body for the first time in a while; throughout all the superficial meanderings Talitha had encountered with her clients to date, her session with Dean today was like an ice cool breeze on a hot summer's day as she found some moments of deeper significance and clung to the sentiments of empathetic satisfaction those moments ushered in. ~ Jill Thrussell

Joy, it seemed was no longer the crown or jewel of their family and their relationship and any joy that had once perhaps existed between a loving father and daughter had now very clearly departed, deserted and abandoned them a long time ago.  ~ Jill Thrussell.

“He's a total stallion and raring to take me out on a ride.“. Renee joked.  ~ Jill Thrussell.


A new clinic leaps into the world called Restructure which has been formed by a renowned scientific specialist that has actually found a way to enhance the human existence and people's physical appearance through the combined use of technology and science.  The gift that Professor Heisner promises to offer humanity comes in the form of a variety of physical enhancements without any of the ugly scars and pain that cosmetic surgery usually inflicts upon the human flesh and for a price, clients can attend Restructure and have their DNA restructured through technology downloads which are implanted straight into their human bodies.  Restructure is extremely popular and instantly attracts a huge waiting list which contains some very unorthodox clients and some people in very unusual situations that have very complex lives.

Some of Restructure's clients however, rapidly discover that having the body you always wished for in a flash is a solution that can create its own problems as they attempt to overcome the historical and new obstacles in their lives with their newly acquired physical assets.  Their situation is further complicated when Professor Heisner suddenly discovers that the DNA Downloads seem to have side effects that create hallucinogenic experiences that provoke some of his clients fall in love with strangers and create fear of those that they already have emotional connections to and as the reality of his clients quickly becomes warped, he then has to urgently find a remedy to fix the chaos that the Downloads have caused. 

Due to the side effects, staff at the Restructure clinic are then subsequently presented with some huge complexities that they could never have possibly imagined as human dynamics and scientific Downloads create contradictions and complications that no one could have possibly predicted or foreseen.  The boundaries of safety are pushed as the Professor strives to meet his clients needs but as things start to spiral out of control, Professor Heisner starts to lose his grip on the most organized and precious area of his life, his research.

The Easy Way to Restructure Your DNA.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Developed from: Love Drug

Genre: Sci-fi/Comedy/Drama

Talitha's cilent list includes a man who is a living advert, an entrapment hooker, a playboy, an old young boy, a spoilt brat and a few other funny people

Glitches Series:

The Glitches Series explores the possible facilitation of technology and things that can potentially go wrong when technology behaves in unexpected manner due to Glitches, it also includes an underlying exploration of how human beings control and interact with that technology when 'the end justifies the means' approach is applied to technological developments and their implementation and examines how that can result in both negative and positive outcomes.


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Genre: Sci-fi/Dramedy

 Meet the Characters:

Talitha: A Client Liasison Consultation who whilst guiding her clients,  quickly starts to question her own satisfaction with her own physical form as she becomes more deeply submerged in the deep depths of superficiality that her work entails.  Some issues, Talitha rapidly discovers throughout her work, lie quite far beyond the scope of solutions that a simple DNA download can provide and as she starts to unravel hidden secrets about the Professor's work that have not yet revealed to her, Talitha quickly learns that not all of Professor Heisner's work is as simple as it seems as her own moral boundaries are suddenly challenged.