The Story

The market for DNA transplants has grown and now its commonplace to swap and transplant DNA, trading it along with memories and mental skills. People actively seek out this new illegal fixation and trade their lives, bodies and mind capacity on the underground market known as Internal.

Shenoa becomes intertwined and addicted to this new craze until Marcus tries to salvage her life and get back the things she has lost. He wants his wife back but he has to make choices about just what he is willing to trade to make it happen.

The intricate laser treatment used to transfer the relevant parts of each client's body is risky hence the reason the practice has been outlawed. Yet in the black market sales are flourishing and customers are flocking to trade on Internals market.

The market simply known as Internal is run by five individuals who once were in charge of the research of DNA transplants at a government institution. They are now fugitives who trade their services in secrecy in the underground market they have created which shifts locations in order to avoid the 'Detectors' the government agents who are trying to track them down
  Written by Jill Thrussell.