The Story

Skylar runs a inter galatic dating agency pairing all kinds of partners from all kinds of alien species with her human clients. She facilitates the virtual platform she has created and engineered to make introductions. Then she plans visits and dates across the galaxy for the participants.

Whilst participating in her usual course of business however she takes a trip to an unusual planet deep in space and finds a alien race which may have mastered and breached the frontier of mortality.

Infiltrating further into their culture she starts to uncover that a horrific virus has been killing of the occupants of the planet and is the sole reason for their search for the serum which provides immortality in the first place. She bonds and encounters a alien male stricken with the disease whose time is running out as she tries to find a way to save him. Once an alien adult has contracted the disease they can no longer be saved by the serum of immortality meaning they have limited time to find a cure. They race to different parts of the galaxy to find a cure for those already infected before his state of health deteriorates any further. Written by Jill Thrussell.