Significants Academy

The Story

Significants Academy situated in the building of Balmoral is a residential school for youngsters who have been flagged for Exportation. Their gifts and intellectual superiority derived from the genetic conditioning their parents agreed to during pregnancy before they were born, makes the school a very competitive environment where anything can happen.

The headmaster Mr Gorman who runs Balmoral prides himself on running a tight ship and rules with a governance approach that is strict but compassionate. Each student is assigned to a clan according to their gifts and mentored by an older student who form part of the clan leadership panel.

Once a year there is an annual competition with schools from other regions and other countries. During the school year they are taught special skills and aptitudes that enhance their special gifts.

The students are permitted to return home on holidays only if they have accomplished a set of tasks set out for them each term. Those who do not return home are left in the school with minimal staff and they have many adventures exploring the surrounding areas.

There is a robotics lab where some gifted students are allowed to create small robotic mascots and companions that complete small tasks for them on a day to day basis. The robotics students often participate in their own tournaments with their robot mascots.

There is also a special zoo attached to the school which has been created especially for the pupils. This zoo has a variety of animals which are hybrids of species. Each pupil is allowed to select and develop their own species and pet which they are responsible for.

Children born with these genetic enhancements are classified into one of seven categories according to their gifts.  At the school and in the research institute they are classified into Clans some children bear elements of more than one gift but they are usually classified by their strongest.  

Each child is also allocated to a peer ground which has a coordinating mentor who they spend most of their time with, these complimentary groups are assigned upon enrollment to the school by a matching program.  The matching program then assigns a robotic, mentor teacher to assist each group of children whilst in attendance at the school.   The only human beings at the school other than the children is the headteacher Mr Gormanwho rules the school with a iron fist and a Research Psychologist.

Perspective Insighters (Pers)

Computational Wizards (Wizards)

Cognitive Rapids (Rapids)

Manipulating Mindwalkers (Walkers)

Empathetic Sensors (Emps)

Dream Scanners (Scanners)

Technopoids (Technos)

Written by Jill Thrussell

Introduction to some Key Characters

Darcia (Walker)

Arlo (Techno)

Cleo (Scanner)

Malachy (Wizard)

Zeus (Rapid)

Bethany (Percep)

Honora (Emp)