Love Upgraded: Enhancements

The Story

A company called Renodate splashes onto the dating scene as it offers a unique couple's counselling and makeover service where couples are provided with DNA Downloads and personality modifications to suit their new or current relationship and partner.  The company which boasts of partnerships that last a lifetime and the perfect coupling, suddenly starts to encounter problems however, when a number of divorces and break ups start to occur and chaos  quickly ensues.

A couple dissatisfied with their relationship, due to their yearning to enhance their romantic and sexual fulfilment at any cost, decide to attend the DNA download clinic to upgrade their physical appearance however, things start to become complicated when they compare themselves to others with more abundant physical attributes and they find themselves competing with images of physicality that seem superior to their own.  Their surroundings rapidly provokes a competitive division between the couple which threatens to destroy their romantic bliss and they begin to question not only themselves but also their satisfaction with each other.  Written By Jill Thrussell.

This project forms a part of an anthology collection called Love Upgraded which is a six part anthology collection that explores the possible impacts technology could have in the future upon love.  Each segment is 80 minutes long and some segments will be considered for cinematic release as indie films.

Genre: Romantic Comedy


Fast but not Least

Love Rivals