The Story

Logline: A female sports specialist and a male behavioural scientist specializing in Gender research team up to prove the correlation between sports (esp. sports with round balls) and male testosterone but in doing so, they suddenly discover a romantic correlation of their own.


The book for this project is written in a similar style as Vixens with some daily sessions, progress reports, briefings and daily logs.

Dear Nina

I'd like to welcome you into our ranks and as we indulge in an exploration and study of seemingly obscure and nonsensical, behavioural differences between the genders to validate my hypotheses.  Your first task for the gender differentiation project is to establish whether or not there is a correlation between men and their fascination with the round objects in sports and a possible link to the round objects present on the female anatomy.  You must select five male volunteers for the research project and then study and examine any possible connections and links.  

I wish you the best of luck as at times, men can be extremely infuriating, utterly annoying and even slightly immature and now you have to spend every day for the next month, completely surrounded by them.  Don't take anything they say personally and don't listen to 99.9999% of it and you should survive the treacherous waters of your first scientific interaction with real, live human subjects. 

Kind Regards

Professor Lungard

Head of Research

Gender Evaluation & Natural Differentiation Examination & Rationalisation Research Centre

(G.E.N.D.E.R.) Research Centre


A woman is appointed as a Gender Research Coordinator at a Gender Differentiation Research facility where she is tasked with exploring behavioral differences in gender behavior, particularly men's fascination with round objects and the possible connection to sexual stimulation and the female anatomy.  Five male participants are chosen to participate in Professor Lungard's project which he hopes will not only validate his scientific exploration and stipulations but also assist him to secure further funding for future work and establish his Gender Differentiation Research Centre as a leader in it's scientific field.

The five male participants Nina is assigned to study become slightly more fascinating when two testosterone driven males from the group decide to start to competing for her affections.  The ego driven competition between the two men is spurred on slightly by Nina who not only watches with amusement but also attempts to encourage the more timid of the two men, Jett to be slightly more confident and assertive as she seeks to validate his positive attributes and lift his quite low, self esteem.  The rivalry between the two men continues to escalate and intensify as they engage in even wilder, outlandish romantic gestures as they attempt to prove which one of them, not only deserves to win Nina's heart but who between them really has the biggest balls.

Suddenly halfway through the research project however, the most dominant, alpha male within the group, Langford who is a renowned basketball player is struck down by a mysterious medical condition which renders him completely paralyzed temporarily and his battle for Nina's heart is then put on hold as his fight for life and mobility becomes his most crucial priority.  The group through Langford's struggle, somehow find an ounce of solidarity between them and begin to form a bond of friendship that transcends masculine, competitive rivalries as they not only support Langford through his physical struggle but also nurse him back to health, whilst still working towards Nina's research goal and looming scientific conference presentation.  Langford through the humbling experience he endures quickly learns however, the one thing he has always taken for granted for most of his life is the one thing he really cannot afford to lose.  Written By Jill Thrussell.



Motives. Impulses. Instinct. Drive. Attraction.

Genre: Romantic Comedy



Love Games




Please You





Exploring Gender Differentiation Can Truly Be......Different! 

G.E.N.D.E.R the film that it is totally and unapologetically 'POLITICALLY INCORRECT'!!!!!!!  

Based on an article written in 2004 by Jill Thrussell called Ball Control.