The Story

Nina works for a gender differentiation research clinic where she researches behavioral differences in gender behavior.  She is assigned a special task to evaluate the correlation of men and sports, in particular their fascination with balls and round objects and its possible link to sexual stimulation and the female anatomy.  The five male participants she is assigned to study become more and more fascinating when two testosterone driven males from the group start to compete for her affections they then start to engage in outlandish romantic gestures in an attempt to prove which one of them deserves to win her heart and who really has the biggest balls.  When one of men in the group is struck down by a mysterious temporary condition that renders him paralyzed they start to form a bond which transcends competition and creates a bond of friendship.    Written By Jill Thrussell.

Motives. Impulses. Instinct. Drive. Attraction.

Exploring Gender Differentiation Can Truly Be......Different! 

G.E.N.D.E.R the film that it is totally and unapologetically 'POLITICALLY INCORRECT'!!!!!!! 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Based on an article written in 2004 by Jill Thrussell called Ball Control.