Humantics: Enigma

The Story

The world is thrown into disarray when a young woman discovers she may not actually be human but may have been implanted into a couple's home as a surrogate cyborg child. The discovery she makes has a huge price to pay as she realizes it jeopardizes her very human relationship with a young man to whom, she has become very emotionally attached. 

Enigma discovers that her whole life may have been manufactured as she tracks down the company she suspects is responsible for her human adoption. Throughout the journey of discovery she starts to seek out others who may also be her kind,referred to as Substitutes by the robotics company they were created by.

Throughout the examination of her origins she manages to discover a Memory Bank that holds the details of her forgotten childhood and Life Path Center which Brain Scan utilizes to control the events that occur in each substitutes life. However that knowledge makes her dangerous as she starts to oppose the very system and company that gave her life, love, existence and a human family.  Written by Jill Thrussell\


Sometimes the Greatest Contradictions Live Inside Us!