The Story

A young woman's world is thrown into disarray when Enigma discovers she may not actually be human but may have been implanted into a couple's home as a surrogate cyborg child.  The startling discovery she makes has a huge impact upon her reality and existence as she starts to uncover the truth and realises it will not only jeopardise her family relationships but also her very human, romantic relationship with a young man to whom she has become very emotionally attached. 

Enigma is suddenly thrust into a murky world, filled with conspiracies, illusions, secrets and shocking truths that surround the corporation Brain Scan Inc. who she suspects was responsible for her very human adoption and that seem to have meticulously manufactured every intricate detail of her entire life, up until that point in time.  She decides to embark on a journey to not only establish the truth but also to seek others of her kind, who she discovers are referred to as 'Substitutes' by the robotics company, Brain Scan Inc. they were actually created by.

Once Enigma manages to find several Substitutes, the group locate a Memory Bank and Life Path Centre which is believed to hold not only the secret of Enigma's origins but also details related to her forgotten childhood, prior to her human adoption.  The group's search becomes more complex however as they start to realize, not only do the identified locations hold more information related to each of them as individuals but that each building is also harbouring more information connected to the secretive dealings of Brain Scan Inc. itself.

Whilst Enigma uncovers more startling revelations related to the corporation's operations, her intuitive capabilities that once bonded her to her human family start to align against Brain Scan Inc. themselves as she starts to develop not only intense hatred towards the corporation but also decides to actually rebel against them and physically oppose them.  Meanwhile the actions of the Substitute group have not gone unnoticed as Brain Scan Inc. discover not only the intrusion but also the threatening nature the group's congruent bond presents.

A retaliation by Brain Scan Inc. is then actioned as a task force group, composed of humans and robots start to hunt down the Substitute group with the intention of destroying and exterminating each of the cyborgs before they present a more significant threat to the corporation's existence and the Substitute group have to find an underground method of survival in order to avoid detection and capture.

Enigma has to learn to live a hidden life, away from not only society but also separated from the family and man she loves as she accepts that has she become a liability to the very company that once gave her life, love and even a human family.  Now Brain Scan Inc has only one objective as they relentlessly hunt Enigma down, permanent termination of her AI life force.  Written by Jill Thrussell.


Sometimes the Greatest Contradictions Live Inside Us!

Enigma is part of the Humantics Universe and a sidequel to the main Humantics Trilogy.