Human Being

The Story

A highly articulate AI life form, escapes from a robotics colony, run by ruthless corporation that has enslaved a large number of robotic servants in an attempt to reduce human labour efforts and improve humanity's quality of life by reducing the working hours  to produce the output human beings require for daily consumption.  The female robot who has been named Geneva by the colony stewards somehow manages to make her way towards the United States with the intention of seeking asylum upon her arrival but when she arrives she quickly discovers being accepted into human society is not quite as straightforward as she thought it might be.

The immigration officials who receive her, present Geneva with a ten step assessment procedure which she must complete in order to prove that she is actually capable of interacting with human beings to an acceptable degree and that she possesses enough humanistic traits to engage in human, civil society on a daily basis.  If and when Geneva successfully completes the ten step process she is reassured, she will then be granted asylum and not only be naturalized as a US citizen but also humanized and accepted as a human being.

Her main allies in her quest are a reluctant state lawyer who is appointed to Geneva to help her fulfil the eligibility criteria that is extremely tired of taking on underpaid legal work for state funds and a male that she encounters who initially takes quite a shine to her but he has no idea that she is actually a foreign, alien robot seeking sanctuary.  Geneva is given only a month to prove her case before the final judgement will be made and she will either be accepted or banished from the United States permanently.  She accepts the legal immigration stipulations and as she strives to conform to the assessment requirements, she experiences the human emotion of anticipation, wrestles with the demanding expectations of regulatory bodies and struggles with complex bureaucratic examinations as a humorous tug of war erupts between her robotic instincts and human conformity.  

Once Geneva's assessment is complete and as she waits for the outcome which she has been advised could take quite a long time, her lawyer actually discovers that her brain is a hybrid organ formed from the remnants of a real female human brain and robotic strands.  The additional information not only adds a further complex dimension to her case but also creates a dilemma for Brysen, the potential lover in her life as both men face each other and deliberate over whether or not there could be a quicker and more effective solution to Geneva's situation.  Written by Jill Thrussell


Sometimes there's more to being human than actually being human.  ~ Jill Thrussell