Human Being

The Story

Geneva a highly articulate AI life form escapes from a robotics colony she was enslaved in by her creator. She arrives in the US to seek asylum but has to participate in a ten step assessment to prove she is actually capable of interacting with human beings and possesses humanistic enough traits to qualify as a human being eligible for asylum before she is accepted. Her only allies are a reluctant lawyer tired of taking on legal work for state funds and a male who takes a shine to her but who initially has no idea she is actually a foreign alien robot actually seeking sanctuary. With only a month to prove her case Geneva experiences the human emotion of hope, wrestles with demanding expectations and complex bureaucratic examinations in a humorous tug of war between robotic instincts and human conformity.  

Once the case has been heard her lawyer however discovers that there is slightly more to consider as it transpires that Geneva's mind may actually be a hybrid brain merged with the remnants of a real female human brain and robotic functionalities  Written by Jill Thrussell

Genre; Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi