Robin Crook

The Story

The years is 2100 and human life has been divided into two planes and 10 Corporate Guardians rule the world, the 'Elite Aristocracy' live with wealth, riches and power whilst the other human beings known as 'Inferiors' live in squalor, deprivation and poverty.  Inferiors live in fear as they are chastised as slaves by the Elite Aristocracy and live at their beck and call,  the Inferiors refer to them as 'AristoRats'. 

China who is a young inferior, finds an old robot in an abandoned robotics factory and starts to build a vigilante robot called Robin Crook who he then utilises to lead raids on the 'AristoRats' to rob them of their riches.   When mutiny sets in, the 10 Corporate Guardians begin to find even their own corporations under attack as Robin Crook and his followers attempt to pilfer wealth from every source possible and that initially creates discord amongst them as they start to accuse each other of treachery.  In response to the rebellion, a few of the Corporate Guardians who still remain united, form an army called the 'Sandguards' which are not human or robots but a genetically enhanced hybrid human life form that challenge the rebellion and seek to destroy Robin Crook and his many followers. 

A classic retelling of Robin Hood.  Written by Jill Thrussell


Meet Some of the Characters:

Friar Tough