The Story

Logline: A gender neutral robot is given the chance to explore the human world as a neutral entity for three months before it must decide on which gender it would like to be assigned to.  This project will explore the different kind of choices we face in life and their nature and how much of our lives we can actually control through our decisions.   Written by Jill Thrussell.

GENRE: Romantic Sci-fi Comedy

Songs:  Speak Now or Forever be a Friend (Speak Now/Unspoken Love)/Choose Me Before You Lose Me

Tagline: Not all choices/decisions are created equal. 

(All choices/decisions are not created equal.)


“Why is marriage a prison?“ Jill Thrussell

“I guess that really depends on who exactly you're married to NEUT.“ Jill Thrussell






In the beginning..... God created Man

And then Professor Loftail created......

A bumbling Robot called N.E.U.T....

Then N.E.U.T created CHAOS.....