The Story

Logline: A gender neutral robot is given the chance to explore the human world as a neutral entity for a month before it must decide on which gender identity (masculine or feminine) it would like to be assigned to.  This project will explore the different kinds of choices/decisions that we may face in life and their nature and how much of our lives we can really actually control as a result through our own choices and decisions.   Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Multi (Sci-fi/Comedy/Drama/Romance)


Predictable Choices/Decisions: A group of ten five year old children are offered a sweet or a carrot, ninety percent of the children opt for the sweet, except the child who has had a negative life experience e.g. tooth ache, the nine children that chose the sweet have made a predictable choice.

Forced Choices/Decisions: Dictated choices/decisions based on violence, mind manipulation, coercion and abuse of power.  They are not really actually choices at all but are often disguised as choices to create a false sense of freedom.

Reactionary Choices/Decisions: These choices and decisions are as the result of other people's actions or events which directly impact upon our lives or our perceptions.

Informed Choices/Decisions:  Since access to information differs and people have varying access to different information at any given time, some decisions can be based on what information you have access to at a given moment in time and/or past experiences and knowledge.

Uninformed Choices/Decisions:  Due to lack of access to information, lack of knowledge and/or past experience, these choices are random and very much like a lottery selection.

Instinctive/Instinctual Choices/Decisions: Are formed from our past experiences in life, knowledge, opinions and personal preferences, these can be biased in various ways, due to warped or unusual experiences.

Emotional Choices/Decisions:  Due to our emotional attachment to others, these are made with an outcome that will lean in the favour of another person or entity that we have formed an emotional attachment and bond to.

Circumstantial Choices/Decisions: These are defined by our priorities, access to resources and access to information at any given moment and urgency is dictated by personal circumstances and our surrounding environment.  (these choices/decisions are usually more heightened and vastly skewed when we feel threatened by some form of danger or have suffered some kind of recent trauma.)

Songs:  Speak Now or Forever be a Friend (Speak Now/Unspoken Love)/Choose Me Before You Lose Me

Tagline: Not all choices/decisions are created equal. 

(All choices/decisions are not created equal.)


“Is marriage like a prison Samantha?"   ~ Jill Thrussell

“For some people it is NEUT, I guess that really just depends on who you actually marry.“  ~ Jill Thrussell






In the beginning..... God created Man

And then Professor Loftail created......

A bumbling Robot called N.E.U.T....

Then N.E.U.T created CHAOS.....

Meet Some of the Characters:


A female robotics research scientist that is responsible for the gender exploration experiment, she is extremely thorough and highly logical but rather unexpectedly, suddenly begins to form an emotional attachment to N.E.U.T. due to her daily close proximity to NEUT's robotic form.  Her involvement in NEUT's programming development is very hands and supportive and she is someone that perhaps one might classify as NEUT's first true human friend.