Unrighteous Citizens

The Story

Crimera is a sentenced to the 'Righteous Citizens Program' a scheme where 'Righteous Citizen' brain implants are implanted into criminal minds.  These implants rehabilitate prisoners for crimes that are deemed by society as crimes that make them unsuitable for normal rehabilitation programs and usually cater to the psychological needs of serial killers, pedofiles, terrorists and rapists, however when Crimera starts to harbour urges to kill again, the founders of the program realize something has gone vastly wrong with the brain implants.  The founders of the scheme establish that this is largely due to a virus attack by a crime group called 'Chaos' who have sabotaged the program and coincidentally put all of society at risk.  There is then a race against time to either cure the prisoners with the brain implants who are roaming at large amongst the rest of the population, catch and incarcerate them again or find a solution to the virus attack and restore the effectiveness of the implants.   A special robotic task force is created to assist them in tracking ten criminals who are the first to be affected by the virus.  Written By Jill Thrussell. (developed from Robot Colony 25 and Adaptations)

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Thriller.