Human Favours Bureau



Fern and Serenity work for the Human Favours Bureau a specialist supernatural banking system that governs the delicate equilibrium of human earthly affairs. Special gifts they can bestow upon human beings include: bags of wealth, celebrity status and life changing opportunities. They also have the ability to grant: special favours, discounts of kindness and exceptional rewards for deserving human beings.  Quite often they walk the earth in human form as they assume control of human bodies for short periods of time to deliver particular services.

There is one Universal rule: when something is given something must be also be taken.

When client balances start to fall into dispute however due to the mischief makers who oppose them and human beings fail to sacrifice the things they are supposed to surrender chaos ensues.
 Written by Jill Thrussell.


Settle and Atone work for the will writers branch of the Human Favours Bureau who assist human beings in putting their relationships and financial affairs in order before their life is due to expire. Their areas of expertise include: reconciliation of alienated loved ones, treasured reunions and special portions of forgiveness.

Their Universal Law: is to give peace, harmony and satisfaction to those who deserve it. Written by Jill Thrussell


The storks is a special branch of the human favours bureau that selects parents for unborn children and places them in the correct homes. Wren and Robin join the division under the supervision of Zerelda who trains them to be proficient. Yet when things go wrong and children are mismatched the two find themselves battling to correct the chaos they've caused.

Their Universal Law is: for every perfect creation there is the perfect home.
  Written by Jill Thrussell

Genre: Family Friendly, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural