Death Upgraded: Dare Me Not

The Story

Six vacationers stumble upon a remote, wooden lodge on return journey from their annual vacation when they break down on the highway. Stranded until Monday and determined not waste their night and weekend, they are enticed to participate in a drinks shot challenge by the mysterious bartender/proprietor inside the lodge as they embrace their situation and make the most of it. However there is one small secret the bartender/proprietor hasn't told them, each liquid intake will invoke dreams, hallucinations or nightmares related to their deepest heart's desires and as their hallucinations start engulf them, the line between reality and dreams starts to become more obscure.

Six vacationers break down in a remote location and enter inside a mysterious lodge with a bar, where a mysterious bartender provides them with drinks that unknown to the holiday makers, invoke dreams, hallucinations and nightmare related to their deepest heart's desires. The line between reality and dreams however rapidly starts to become more obscure with each shot they consume and some of their dreams become real nightmares. 
Written by Jill Thrussell
Your Heart's Desires Are Just a Dare Away.