Remember, Remember!

The Story

A forgetful man and a struggling woman find love an unforgettable way as they explore how current revelations can change a distorted memory from the past and how treason of the mind can actually occur when new information actually comes to light in the present.  This project will involve a series of flashbacks and dream sequences. Written by Jill Thrussell

Based on the projects Mindplant/Memorized I've developed this short film related to objects and the memories they hold and redefinition of memories based on new information that comes to light. The exact quote the short film has been developed from, refers to an equipment case Connie held in her hand which changed how she perceived memories that were once beautiful and were now impure as history was rewritten before her very eyes.  This is also a major theme in the film Memorized where history is changed and redefined based on more accurate information being provided to a distorted memory. The short film will be an exploration of a kind of treason regarding access to information that obscures judgement by the mind and the understanding of past events.

Song: True Rumours