Life Terminated

The Story

Population control becomes paramount as a government engages a group of scientists to embark on a predictive experiment which terminates children at birth, unknown to their mothers who simply are injected under the pretension of administering vaccines. Only those who are predicted to have greater intellectual capacity and less behavioural problems are allowed to live. However one scientist starts to question the ethical boundaries of the project as unethical compromises are made and extremely strange things start to occur.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Song: Life on the Line

Potential Can Kill!

Potential Can Be A Killer!


”Look I compromised. I kept a brain alive that had the highest intellectual capacity that humanity has ever seen. There's only one slight problem, it failed every behavioural test I performed, so I couldn't allow it to actually occupy an actual real, human, physical form. Jill Thrussell, Life Terminated.

”Unfortunately the brain, I suspect has found a way to actually communicate with the outside world and the implications and subsequent impact of those communications appears to be, extremely dangerous.” Jill Thrussell, Life Terminated.