Quality Control

The Story

In the busy, bustling city of Maplesfield, Esmeralda a quality control expert spends her working life checking the quality of products for a large sportswear company but when her best friend Liz starts dating and can't decide who is actually worth dating, Esmeralda is asked to assist her in determining and extracting the potential weeds from the garden of romance and her potential flowerbed of love.  In the meantime Jonas, Esmeralda's very career driven cousin is under continuous significant pressure at work to deliver huge sales accounts as he works for a very competitive advertising firm and he also asks her to assist him as he seeks to establish and form the right connections in life to achieve his goals and climb further up the corporate ladder of success.  Later that year when Jonas and Liz actually meet for the very first time, at a family event that Esmeralda has to organize, much to her utter delight as they begin to connect, the three rapidly discover that in life, sometimes the answers that we are searching for, really are right in front of our face.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

A product quality control tester is made redundant and applies for a mysterious job vacancy that promises to utilize his skills in a challenging manner however when he attends the interview it transpires that he is not assessing products but people. Written by Jill Thrussell (Sci-fi comedy)

Definition. Measurement. Analysis. Improvement. Control.

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