Library of Minds: Pick & Mix

The Story

Technology and Science meet as a career driven, single, lonely woman discovers a Library of Life/Minds where she can browse the shelves and borrow other people's lives for a short period of time.  Not only is Angelica able to walk in each person's shoes inside their respective world whilst in attendance at the Library of Life/Minds, but she also discovers that she is actually permitted to borrow and takeaway that person's mind for a short period of time which allows her to attempt to achieve some extremely complex tasks in her own life, with someone else's mental capabilities.  The Library of Life/Minds however, can be quite tricky to navigate and Angelica rapidly finds herself facing a variety of conundrums inside the library and even back within her own, very real life and world and the Librarian Guide, a tech savvy, handsome, time travelling nomad, wanderer, seems completely unwilling to help her rectify the various dilemma's she subsequently faces as a result.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Borrowed Minds/Lives/Thoughts Can Make the Sweetest Mixture!

Working titles: Library of Life Pick & Mix/Library of Minds Pick & Mix

Genre: Sci-fi/Romance