My Friend, Your Friend

The Story

A unique new friends app allows users to trade, purchase, sell their friendships or even rent them out, but things start to become slightly messy when the commodity of friendship is tested.

When three friends are invited to a special sale event at the Bargain Basement of Rejected Friends which has a discount promotion on friends that are deemed unsellable, worthless and undesirable, they are shocked to find that one of them is packaged up in a Friends Box and placed neatly on top of one of the shelves.

Special Features of the My Friends, Your Friends App mean that friends sales, trades and rentals include things like: Daily Greetings, Regular Conversations, Accompaniment to an Event, Relationship Advice, Friendship Advice, A Shoulder to Cry On, Family Advice, Prestige of Association, Public Displays of Friendly Affection and Extended Connections.
  Written by Jill Thrussell

Based on pieces written in 2004/2006/2010/2011

Capitalism Pages 55/59

Originally called: Rich Friend, Poor Friend, My Friend, Your Friend.

Trade Your Friends!  Enrich Your Life!

Strictly No Exchanges or Refunds.