The Privileged

The Story

Civilization and technology have evolved and the world's population are segregated at birth and divided into three groups. Everyone exists in an artificial plane called the Life Grid which sustains human existence as Earth is no longer inhabitable.

The Privileged have access to continuous upgrades and are deemed 'intellectually superior' whilst the Servants are implanted with mind control implants which govern their subservience as they are deemed 'genetically inferior' and they either become a love slave or hate slave to the Privileged families they serve. When one of the Servants manages to deactivate their implant and discovers that Earth is actually really inhabitable however and enlightenment and rebellion start to occur.

The diplomatic governance body the third group from the remnants of human life, then quickly become divided as a civil war erupts and their loyalties and ethical beliefs are tested.  Written by Jill Thrussell