Death Upgraded: Hierarchy

The Story

A personal life coach develops a neural, microchip app which plugs people into a system that provides meditation and motivation programs for their minds in order to enable them to reach higher levels of attainment in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Unexpectedly the app, microchip and neural probes suddenly seem to dysfunction however and each participant is taken on a terror filled journey through a hierarchy of horrors instead.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Some will scream.. Some will die... but none will escape... 

This project forms a part of an anthology collection called Death Upgraded which is a six part anthology collection that explores the possible impact technology could have in the future upon death.  Each segment is 80 minutes long and some segments will be considered for cinematic release as indie films.

Meet the Characters


The personal life coach guru who thinks he is able to transform his clients lives. He is lumbered with five very difficult clients as various agencies referred them to him for underperforming. He sees himself as the Albert Einstein of his time and thinks he can change the world.


Downtrodden female that has spent most of her life living according to other people's expectations and desires. She's been a bit of a doormat really, who has been trodden on way too many times and the life coach wants to coach her to be a bit more assertive, take control of her life and achieve the things she aspires to be without all the rabble rousers who have ulterior agenda's. The rabble rousers love the idea of having a doormat to control for their own purposes and get into a bit of tug of war with the life coach.


Beautiful slacker that really can't be bothered doing anything unless it involves a lot of money, rich, wealthy men and lots of shopping. The life coach has to convince her that there is something to live and work for that exceeds the scope of materialistic fulfilment and attempts to install some personal dignity and self respect into her life.


Spends his life stalking women through social media and CCTV and uses them as slaves.


Spends his life picking up jobless prostitutes on a website and does small ghost writing jobs for them, which he uses a female writer he enslaves to write. The personal life coach is his potential salvation to bring real meaning and purpose to his life, instead of just being considered a weird pervert.


Hierarchy Other Working Titles: Hierarchy of Horrors

Higher Heights....

Deeper Hell.....