Value Added Friends

The Story

Logline: Several people enroll in a groundbreaking course run by a pioneering Life Services Inc that teaches them to be 'Value Added Friends' to those they are hired to befriend or simply to existing friends in their current lives.  Whilst the attendees attempt to discover if what they have learnt can truly make their friendships worth their weight in gold however, they start to truly realize what a messy minefield friendship actually is and how easily they can actually be made redundant.

Synopsis: A new coaching service run by Life Services Inc. trains and teaches people how to be good 'value added friends' and the 'perfect friend' to those they are hired to befriend or simply to those existing friends they already have in their real life. 

The pioneering company whose goal is to 'optimize the quality of their client's life' manages to implement an intensive training program they have developed, which is not only physical and psychological but also involves some technological mind enhancements as they seek to establish, whether or not the value of friendship can actually be measured and whether or not a 'value added friend' truly can be worth their weight in gold. 

Due to the nature of human beings and their various complex entanglements however, the experimental, profit generating work soon becomes a messy minefield as it brings out the best and worst in the program's participants. Written by Jill Thrussell. 

Genre: Comedy

Song: Multiplier/Perfect Friends

Friendship is the Curriculum!


If you can't be a positive part of someone's life, then you really shouldn't be in it all.  Jill Thrussell

Sometimes friendship can be delicious, fantastic, exhilarating, refreshing, invigorating and enjoyable and at other times friendship can be..... A total pain in the butt.  Jill Thrussell

The quality of your life depends very much on who is actually in it.  Jill Thrussell