Republic of Futuria Game

The Story

Futuria is a futuristic island that exists in another place in time, somewhere in the not to distant future.   It is surrounded by eight smaller islands which are inhabited by various companies and organisations.

Features of Futuria include:

  • Love Drug Clinic
  • Library of Life
  • Friends Trading Market
  • Human Quality Control Factory
  • Memory Transplant Centre
  • Dream Simulation Inn
  • Brain Scan Inc.
  • Hallucinogenic Cocktails Bar

Neighbouring Islands Include:

  • Mindplant Vacation Resort
  • Love Inc Resort
  • Holo Haven
  • Membrane (User Repair)
  • Recreation Island (Prohuman)
  • Spectrum
  • Adapt Island
  • DNA Downloads Research Centre

This is being developed in various formats. (game, film, book etc...)