Value Added Lovers

The Story

Logline: Several people enrol in a groundbreaking course run by a pioneering Life Services Inc that teaches them to be 'Value Added Lovers' to those they are hired to date, those they wish to date or simply to existing partners in their current lives.  Whilst the attendees attempt to discover if what they have learnt can truly make their relationships a golden romance however, they start to question whether or not the value of a relationship can actually be measured in financial terms and whether or not their new approach will result in them being sacked by their lovers.  Two of the single attendees also decide to take their lessons a step further as they decide to embark upon a romantic adventure and gather some practical experience of their own, together.

Brief Synopsis: A new coaching service run by Life Services Inc. trains and teaches people how to be good 'value added partners' and the 'perfect partner' to those they are wish to date, to those they are hired to date or simply to those existing partners they already have in their real life. 

The pioneering company whose goal is to 'optimize the quality of their client's life' manages to implement an intensive training program they have developed, which is not only physical and psychological but also involves some technological mind enhancements as they seek to establish, whether or not the value of a romantic relationship can actually be measured and whether or not a 'value added partner' truly can truly provide a golden romance. 

Due to the nature of human beings and their various complex entanglements however, the experimental, profit generating work soon becomes a messy minefield as it brings out the best and worst in the program's participants, especially when two single participants begin to develop a romantic interest in each other and decide to embark upon a romantic adventure of their own together.  This story will be told from two main perspectives which will predominantly be the perspectives of the male and female potential love interests. (as per the clip)  Written by Jill Thrussell. 

Love is the Curriculum!

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Songs: Perfect Loving/Click 'n Giggle

Developed from Value Added Friends/Bet on Love (2011)  this is being developed as an indie film or series as this would be the first film or first season.