My Match, Your Match

The Story

A unique new friends app allows users to trade, purchase, sell their romantic relationships or even rent them out, but things start to become slightly messy when the commodity of romance is put to the test.

When three friends are invited to a special sale event at the Bargain Basement of Rejected Partners which has a discount promotion on lovers that are deemed unsellable, worthless and undesirable, they are shocked to find that one of them is packaged up in a Useless Lovers Box and placed neatly on top of one of the shelves. 

Special Features of the My Match, Your Match App mean that romantic sales, trades and rentals include things like: A Date for a Day, Regular Cuddles, Accompaniment to an Event, One Night Stands Hire, Long Term Swaps, Public Displays of Affection and In-Laws Family Hire.
  Written by Jill Thrussell

Developed from My Friend, Your Friend.

Find Out What Your Lover is Really Worth!

Strictly No Exchanges or Refunds.

This project will also feature an interactive game that will allow player voting about various choices such as which lovers to sell, trade, dump with various endings as defined by your personal judgement.  (The interactive endings will be optional, depending on individual player preferences and there will also be a defined ending option available, if that viewing choice is preferred and for the actual film format.)