Next of Kin

The Story

Due to loneliness and lack of social connections in the world, Tammy forms a service that provides a stand in Next of Kin for those who are in need that are lacking family connections called 'Not Alone'.  A situation suddenly arises however, where Tammy herself needs to actually hire a stand in Next of Kin from 'Not Alone' to present to the world, due to complications that arise with her own family.  The male stand in Tammy chooses called Richmond, who is officially one of her employees, rapidly assists her and together they begin to weave a web of pretense to support her requirements but life suddenly becomes complicated as they start to fall in love. 

Very unexpectedly, Tammy is suddenly thrust into the public eye when she wins an award for her work with 'Not Alone' which then puts her life under the microscope and scrutiny of the world.  Unfortunately, Tammy then has to make a choice and either has to tell her family the truth and run the risk of possibility of alienating them, or perhaps live in a web of pretense forever, a web which could implode at any given time and risk losing the relationship she has with the love of her life.  Before the couple can announce their engagement to the world however, Richmond and Tammy must not only find a way to undo all the seeds of pretension they have sown into the lives of other people around them but also to fix Tammy's fragmented relationship with her family before their deeds are publicly exposed.   Written by Jill Thrussell



Tammy, due to complications with her family and relations, hires a male from a job website to pose as her cousin and pays him to change his name by depole in order to allow him to present himself as her official relative to third parties.  Things start to get complicated however, when Tammy and Richmond, the man she hired suddenly start to fall in love. Written by Jill Thrussell


Genre: Romantic Comedy