Track List for Films

Track List for Films

Love Drug

What is Love

Remember, Remember

True Rumours

Hope & Sacrifice


Life Terminated

Life on the Line

Value Added Lovers:

Perfect Loving

Click n Giggle

Value Added Friends:

Perfect Friends



Choose Me Before You Lose Me

Speak Now (Speak Now or Forever be a Friend/Unspoken Love)


Fast but not Least

Love Rivals

Signs of Love

Better Man

Smile on My Lips

Make Me Feel You

Perfect Flaws


Broken Love

Wrong Man

Torn Apart


Love Games


Please You


It's So Hard to Right a Wrong

Touch My Heart

Let Me Know

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Current Song Bank:

Let Me Show You, Torn Apart, Please You, Should Have Been Me, Smile on My Lips, Hard to Replace. Can We Bring Back Yesterday, Broken Love, Pretenders, It's Hard to Right a Wrong, Hard Words to Say, Love Games, Wrong Man, Better Man, Let Me Know, Touch My Heart, Love Heals, Seal Your Lips, One Kiss, True Rumours, Questions We Can't Ask, Make Me Feel You, Perfect Flaws, Words We Can't Say, Wear & Stare, Flirt & Smile, Richest Man, The Way We Were, Unwanted Touch, On Your Own.

Songs like:

Hard Words to Say are about a woman who wants to leave a man but can't tell him.

Words We Can't Say is about a man who cheated but can't admit it.

Questions We Can't Ask is about a man that finds out a woman cheated on him that wants to know the truth.