Adult Friendly

The Story

A professional female lawyer, Anthea, moves back to her home town with her bright, tenacious, energetic twelve year old Duran, after a decade of struggling with an immature man that will not accept the responsibility of father hood, in order to be closer to her family and friends.  Due to the fact that her parents have recently divorced and her mother then subsequently left the city, rather abruptly in the arms of another man, she finds that only her father now resides in her parental home.  Unfortunately, due to his now bachelor status, her father Horacio however, has recently rediscovered his youth and has become a party animal that is not quite ready to settle down or participate in the grandfather role that is actually required from him.  Despite Horacio's reluctance, Duran attempts to bond with him nonetheless but rapidly starts to become intertwined in his wild and chaotic lifestyle whilst Horacio attempts to cling on to and retain his right to immaturity, much to Anthea's horror and Duran's amusement.

In the meantime, one of Anthea's childhood sweethearts, suddenly appears back on the scene and Anthea welcomes him with open arms as she hopes that Blaine will be a positive male influence upon Duran.  Due to the fact that Blaine is quite a wealthy entrepreneur as he starts to bond with Duran, he enthusiastically encourages him to become slightly more entrepreneurial as he helps Duran to start a secretive scheme to earn some extra money for himself.  The secretive scheme that the two manage to concoct is centered around Duran hiring out his new friends as the 'ideal child' to various adults, for whatever reason a model child might actually be required and his new business is an immediate hit in the city of Pembroke that Duran now resides in.  Things start to become slightly complicated however, when one day Anthea utilizes the company's services and actually even places her own personal booking.  Written by Jill Thrussell


Tag Line: Older Ain't Always Wiser...