School for Unearthly Beings/Unsocial Etiquette

The Story

School for Unearthly Beings:

Zandra teaches at a school for young adult unearthly beings which aliens, mythological creatures and celestial presences send their offspring to whilst on earth for schooling but being the only human teacher has its drawbacks as she has to wrestle with students different factions, raging hormones and off course her own differences.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Spin off:

Unsocial Etiquette: A woman forms a social etiquette night class to teach people how to be polite and how to comply with social norms that are deemed to be 'appropriate behaviour' but unfortunately her version of politeness isn't quite what it's supposed to be and her unorthodox approach and interpretations begin to create chaos in her seminars.  Whilst delivering her curriculum however, Zandra rapidly discovers that most of the 'Unsocial Misfits' that are sent her way, who actually attend her class, are not actually human at all as they struggle to learn the art of human societal norms and politeness and she becomes involved in their some of their extra curricular activities.  The situation is suddenly further complicated when a new student suddenly starts to attend her class that Zandra starts to feel very drawn to, she quickly discovers the new student is certainly not human and Zandra then has to consider whether or not she can see a future with a non human entity.

Developed from Sophistidated/Ambitions Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Supernatural/Sci-fi/Romance/Drama

Developed from Ambitions