Love Upgraded: Love After Life

The Story

Life has been extended beyond death and humanity's minds, just before they die are now uploaded into the 'After Life' which is a storage system that provides them with access to a virtual paradise that allows them to continue to exist to some extent through virtual avatars in ghostly forms.  Mikia becomes a client liaison for a dating agency that matches dead souls to each other for eternity who were unmatched throughout their physical lifetime but some dead souls have very different ideas on what true love is all about and which high tech haunting activities they still wish to engage in back upon Earth.  Written by Jill Thrussell

This project forms a part of an anthology collection called Love Upgraded which is a six part anthology collection that explores the possible impacts technology could have in the future upon love.  Each segment is 80 minutes long and some segments will be considered for cinematic release as indie films.

Sci-fi Romantic comedy.

Developed from Waiting for Heaven, User Repair, Spectrum.