Love Upgraded : First Impressions

The Story

A woman attends a dating memory implant clinic called Love At First Sight Inc. that specializes in changing the first impressions people have of each other through Memory Overwrites to enable her to have a fresh start with a man she originally met and loathed and who also absolutely loathes her, due to the unexpected discovery that Zane is actually extremely nice to other people. The deeper appreciation she suddenly develops for him however, is hampered by years of rivalry and contempt and before that can be changed in order to have a fresh start and possible romance with him, she first has to find a way to convince him to not only attend the memory implant clinic but also, to participate with her plan.   Written by Jill Thrussell

Genre: Romantic Comedy

This project forms a part of an anthology collection called Love Upgraded which is a six part anthology collection that explores the possible impacts technology could have in the future upon love.  Each segment is 80 minutes long and some segments will be considered for cinematic release as indie films.