Ibrida (Hell) Island

The Story

An island is purchased for experimentation by a scientific research organization and utilized to conduct hybrid experiments upon animals, humans, robots and other unearthly beings in order to create a variety of hybrid species which can be hunted down for sport by human tourists who visit the island to spectate and hunt.  Things start go wrong however, when the creatures created and contained upon the island suddenly unite, rebel and revolt and then the research staff and the tourists that visit it, rapidly become the hunted prey instead of the captors, hunters and spectators.

Split into four hunting zones, dependent on how dangerous they are, the ten groups of hybrids (e.g. robot/human hybrids, robot/animal hybrids animal/animal hybrids, animal/human hybrids and other worldly creature hybrids) and over 100 hybrid species contained on the island are hunted for sport.  Once the hybrids start to overpower their human captors however, the world is then put at risk as the creatures threaten to spill out into civilized society and become a threat to the rest of the human world.

Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller/Action

Developed from: Mindplant/Robot Colony 25/Human Hybrids/Spectrum/Exported/The Enticement