Single & Ready to Mingle

The Story

Six singles (three men & three women) attend a speed dating event only to discover that the company has gone bankrupt and that the event has rather abruptly been cancelled.  Despite their disappointment however, they rapidly start to bond and develop a rapport which then leads them to the collective decision that they should all form a singles support group to assist each other.  The support group's goal is to assist them all as they navigate their way through the modern jungle of dating rituals and attempt to meet their short and long term romantic aspirations but they rapidly realize, being ready to settle down isn't always a sign that true love, the dream life partner and romance is ready for you.    Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Developed from Bet on Love/Adaptations

Once people marry and drop off the Singles Support Group other people join.

“Hi everyone, my name's Louise and I've been single for exactly 2 years, 5 months, 10 days, 13 hours and 35 minutes.....It was a very painful breakup.“ ~ Jill Thrussell