Island of Wonders

The Story

Two teenage siblings that are usually at loggerheads are taken on a safari trip to an island full of hybrid creatures with their father but when they start to explore the island and find an injured hybrid from a species held captive there, they begin to form a very human bond with an inhuman hybrid that desperately wants to escape, along with some of it's kind. The battling siblings are then challenged to put their differences aside and to repair the bond between themselves so that they can work together in order to formulate and implement a plan which will help the trapped species to leave the island that's held them captive for so long and escape from the dictatorial safari ranger that runs the island with an iron fist.

During their trip, the two siblings also cross paths with a mature, eccentric traveller that claims to know all the secrets of the island and even some magic tricks and he kindly offers to be their guide and promises to assist them in the achievement of their goal. Much to their amusement, they soon discover that some of his quirky magic tricks fall flat on their face but quite fortunately, he also has a few other tricks up his sleeve that he manages to pull out at very important moments which absolutely astound and astonish them and assist them with their quest. Due to the sheer magnitude and impact of some of his tricks however, they rapidly begin to realize that their eccentric human looking guide might not be quite human after all. Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Adventure/Urban Fantasy/Sci-fi

Rating: PG