Unwrapped/Secret Santa

The Story

Secret Santa:

After watching an commercial promoting Santa's annual letter services, Shaun (a bold eight year old) secretly decides that Santa is the perfect man for his very single mother and the ideal step dad for himself. (As he comes with access to lots of toys) However, when Santa (a 35 year old larger than life bachelor with extremely bad manners) turns up, Shaun rapidly discovers that the last thing he wants to deliver is the gift of true love and that Santa also has a few problems keeping his sled straight when he's driving under the influence. Shaun then sets about transforming him into the kind of man that his mother would love as he quickly realizes that before he can introduce Santa to his mother, some work definitely needs to be done on his very messy life and on his very messy manners. (In exchange for some toys and a ride on his sleigh which Santa has trouble driving at times when he's under the influence)

When Shaun visits Lapland with Santa, it rapidly transpires that Santa's Grotto has been burgled as due to Santa's merry, drunken state, he forgot to lock up prior to his departure. The two then try to track down the thieves, the missing toys and Santa's dignity. Written by Jill Thrussell.


An unemployed man who drinks and takes mild drugs that can't find work is forced to take work as a temporary Santa as he really can't find any other form of employment. When he meets a single parent and a young boy in a wheelchair however that really appreciate the role he has stepped into he is suddenly challenged to live up the Santa image that he's assumed. Written by Jill Thrussell

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Genre: Adventure/Fantasy