Dusk to Dawn/Presence/Existence

The Story

The world has accepted that various other life forms exist that were previously not recognized or acknowledged by human society and has opened it's doors and nations to a variety of supernatural creatures but as immigration protocols are granted to various supernatural entities and they are granted legal citizenship status, in order to allow them to trade, live and exist within civilized human society, chaos rapidly ensues as they struggle to abide by civil human laws.  Humanity quickly starts to wonder just what exactly it has let itself in for as things spiral out of control and a secret task force is then formed which consists of a paranormal investigator, a forensic scientist and an assassin, who team up to hunt down supernatural creatures that are plaguing people's lives and committing crimes in order to actually assassinate them and bring an end to the havoc they've caused.   Written by Jill Thrussell.

Genre: Supernatural/Thriller

Format: Series

Developed from Cyberhunter