Love Lessons/Lessons in Love

The Story

A grandmother sits down with her twenty five year old single granddaughter and explains to her how she ended up with her husband of thirty years and as Lorna describes the many loves that shaped her life and what made her the person she became along the way, she also remembers some of her regrets and the ones that got away.  Each segment will explore a lesson about a past romance from Lorna and will explore Jade's application of that lesson into her own love life as she embarks upon her own dating adventures as a young single woman.  This story will be told in a series of flashbacks and will also examine the seven types of love: Eros, Philia, Ludus, Pragma, Agape, Philautia & Storge (though Storge: paternal love will naturally relate to the relationship between Jade and Lorna as family members.)  Written by Jill Thrussell.

Developed from: Value Added Friends video clip

Each season will explore a different set of love lessons.


“Love resides inbetween the mountains of respect and desire where duty and free will meet daily to celebrate their union.“ ~ Jill Thrussell