Axel Raskal: Trader & Finder

The Story

An intelligent young man finds a way to trade himself out of ghetto when he teams up with some other intelligent, creative friends as they start to solve problems and mysteries for other people. The group's abilities are rapidly challenged however as people start to approach them to solve much larger problems. (Developed from Titus Boy Genius/A Problem Shared)  Written by Jill Thrussell

The first book in the Axel Raskal series will come out in 2020 and there will also be an activity pack to accompany the books which will include a planner to help you and your group of Extraordinaires to plan how you will be Extraordinary.  Adults can get involved with special badges as named 'Supporters of the Extraordinaires'.  This project will explore economics, business, maths, science, history, technology, problem solving, creative talents, social peer pressure, hope and disappointment and is suitable for eight to fourteen year olds. 

Extraordinaire Motto/Tag: Life is never ordinary when you're extraordinary..

First Three Books in the Series:

Axel Raskal: Trader & Finder,

Axel & The Extraordinaires

Axel Raskal & The Zoo of Horrible Grown Ups


Developed from:

Titus Boy Genius

Scene: Titus in his office inside the basement of his building, a space which the caretaker gave him in which to do things in as he tries to make his first ever business deal.