Love You To Death

The Story

A female scientist creates a chip implant that can monitor men's cheating habits, alert their partners to their indiscretions and which can immediately be detonated, so that it kills them instantly without a trace (through an internal explosion, if their partner wishes it to do so.)  When Vivian finds herself burying husband number three however, she begins to wonder if a seamless, very discreet murder is really the best solution as she starts to feel haunted by the ghosts of her deceased husbands.  Quite fortunately, when husband number four finally arrives on the scene, Vivian decides to actually consult the female scientist again before she has any reason to dispose of him and the female scientist agrees to develop an upgraded implant with a special 'Train Your Dog' program as the two women attempt to discover whether they can actually make an unfaithful man be a faithful husband and life partner.  The question still remains however, whether Vivian's patience will run out before Husband Number Four can be changed and whether or not, he will live long enough to be transformed.  Written by Jill Thrussell

(Developed from: Adaptations/Venus Honey Traps/Mindplant/Heart Protector)

Genre: Sci-fi/Dark Comedy/Supernatural


“If they cheat on you, you can kill them straight away. I'm very cool with that where do I sign up?“ ~ Jill Thrussell.

“You can always detonate the chip if they really get on your nerves but that's not really recommended because then they might haunt you forever.“ ~ Jill Thrussell