The Story

Maturity is a character trait who has been personified as a spirit by God to walk the earth in human form solving problems for people which have been caused by immaturity and immature actions. He is licensed by God to walk the earth and help souls that are in various dilemmas through their own immature contributions or the immature behavior of others. 

Some of the helplings compose of a Doctor who has found a cure for a strange virus which is threatening to whip out humanity who is holding a huge conference to raise funding for research, a homeless man who helps them stop a bank robbery, a young man who is constantly bullied by jocks at high school, and a prostitute kept captive by a dangerous pimp and a priest who has had a love child he is hiding from the catholic church.

Maturity is assisted in his quest by Empathy, Comfort and Patience and is opposed in his quest by Temptation, Terror and some other shirkers.Written by Jill Thrussell Story based on an original article written by Jill Thrussell in 1999 called Personification of Maturity.

Maturity is a six week mini-series that may run for more seasons depending on its success.   Each week of the series will be filmed in a different city in the world in America, Europe, Asia, South America and Canada.

The first trailer and pilot will be filmed by the end of July and further financing is being sought at the moment.

Meet the Main Characters of Maturity

The main protagonist of the story thoughtful, contemplative and kind he is amazingly wise and has an eccentric approach to problem solving.


Comfort is a female emotional expression that has also been personified by God she assists Maturity and comforts those in pain when he has to deal with cases related to death, injury and loss.

Empathy is a female character trait that has also been personified by God she assists Maturity and through her own empathy she attempts to teach and enhance the lives of those Maturity is trying to assist.
Patience is a female character trait that has also been personified by God she assists Maturity and tries to teach those he is assisting patience and self control.


God instructs Maturity and sets missions for them and other members of the team.


The Shirkers are negative emotions and character trait spirits personified by the devil try to throw a spanner in the works every time Maturity is set a goal and are his main obstacles to successful missions.  Some of the main shirkers are:

Temptation is a female shirker that has also been personified by Devil she tries to sabotage Maturity's missions by tempting those he is trying to assist into negative activities that hinder and obstruct Maturity's plans.
Terror is a male shirker emotional expression that has also been personified by Devil he creates havoc and terrorizes those that Maturity is trying to assist.
Updates to follow shortly with castings and other vital information.
“We had been sent here with missions and purpose. It was no accident that we were put onto this shell of a planet to try and save some of its inhabitants from themselves and those who plagued their lives with horror filled venom.” ~ Jill Thrussell
“Our devout enemies, who shirked and lurked in the shadows as the darkness wrapped its ugly claws around them, embracing its own kind.” ~ Jill Thrussell
“Helpling's were the people we had been sent down to earth to assist and save in one way or another. They were instrumental to humanity's future survival in their lineage and had to be assisted.” ~ Jill Thrussell
“Puberty was a rough teacher and teenagers were grateful to escape it as the celebration also marked that puberty's time of rule in their life was coming to an end.” ~ Jill Thrussell