Glitches: Sophistidated (Love Inc)

The Story

The search for love has just been upgraded.....

Set in the near future, singles retreat to The Love Colony to find their ideal partner where they are paired by a computer system called Honey, designed and created by the founder of Love Inc. Bowen Logan.  A dashing, charming bachelor and genius, Bowen has somehow managed to create the perfect love matching system which utilizes technology and intricate scientific analysis to accurately predict potential love matches, in order to guide couples on the path to romantic success.  The high tech love resort aims to find each vacationer the ideal partner and the perfect pairing during their stay which it is hoped will result in not only a long-term love commitment but also peaceful, romantic bliss.  However, whilst two female love vacationers visit the resort for a love vacation, a Virus suddenly attacks and infects Honey and subsequently, the whole love matching process and the resort are thrown into total disarray as some quite disastrous and chaotic pairings start to occur.

A romantic task force is then formed by some of the resort staff and some vacationers as they enter inside Honey, the resort system and attempt to track down the Virus.  Their quest to destroy the personified Virus becomes slightly more complex when they actually discover that the deadly attacker has latched onto a female program inside Honey that has been utilized and seduced mercilessly, in order to help the Virus enact crippling system attacks.  The destructive romantic union between the two, must then be destroyed, due to the significant threat the Virus actually poses to the resort and its romantic operations.

Unexpectedly, Bowen Logan then has to fight, not only keep his specially designed, expensive, intricate, complex technology Honey alive but also to keep love alive as the matching capabilities of the resort are sabotaged, immobilized and threatened. Despite these setbacks, the two female vacationers continue to navigate their way through the pathways of love, in an attempt to establish whether or not a computer really can provide the optimal romantic solution to the lack of romance in their lonely personal lives but they rapidly discover, saving a computer might be slightly less complicated than finding the ideal love match, even with assistance from the latest in love matching technology.  Written by Jill Thrussell


Glitches Series:

The Glitches Series explores the possible facilitation of technology and things that can potentially go wrong when technology behaves in unexpected manner due to Glitches, it also includes an underlying exploration of how human beings control and interact with that technology when 'the end justifies the means' approach is applied to technological developments and their implementation and examines how that can result in both negative and positive outcomes.


Originally called The Love Machine. 

Romantic comedy. WGA No 1783394

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Genre: Sci-fi Comedy/Romance

Love Inc: Sophistidated!:: written & directed by Jill Thrussell


“Uncouth or realistic? You can sit there forever and pretend that you don't need the cobwebs dusted off your vagina, me on the other hand, I want beautiful, heart-pounding orgasms to replace them and I'm not scared to admit it.“ Zoe insisted. ~ Jill Thrussell

“You're totally forgiven in advance for your shortcomings. Participation on this particular occasion definitely supersedes competence." Zoe teased with a seductive, flirtatious smile. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Madeline don't beat yourself up about it, you were just unlucky. You attracted the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of men.“ Zoe insisted.  ~ Jill Thrussell

“A lady always tries her best to be spectacular.”  Honey replied. ~ Jill Thrussell

The final question danced across her lips and Zoe was adamant that her curiosity would be satisfied. ~ Jill Thrussell

"I doubt it, Collette usually is the problem." Zoe insisted as she glanced up at the screen upon the wall directly in front of her. "She's like a monster on heat." ~ Jill Thrussell

"High tech methods, low tech methods, makes no difference to me, a man is still a man, a date is still a date and a male body part attached to the ideal man that makes me scream with pleasure, is still very much a penis, no matter where I actually find it." ~ Jill Thrussell

"Babes, don't beat yourself up about it, you're just unlucky.  You attract the wrong kind of attention, from the wrong kind of men."  Zoe explained as she gently touched Madeline's arm in a reassuring manner. ~ Jill Thrussell

Each lover that Madeline had actually entered into a relationship with, had taken advantage of her naivety, empathy and compassion and had subsequently totally run rings around her and that had annoyed Zoe as she'd watched and supported her through each inferior, substandard romance.~ Jill Thrussell

This time would definitely be different, Zoe vowed internally as she glanced at Madeline's smiling face and smiled as the two women prepared to leave her consultation room, this time Zoe would be there and this time she would get rid of any romantic garbage that might try to come Madeline's way, before they tried to settle themselves into her heart and into her life. ~ Jill Thrussell

"Besides even in life, you can only be in a relationship with someone you meet that is around and that you connect with at that precise moment in time, so they can only really match you with someone that's there at the same time as you are."  She replied. ~ Jill Thrussell

"At least I won't have to face Collette tomorrow and her behavior radar.  I swear she can detect your sins a mile away and then she's on your back like a priest hunting down a confession."  She insisted. ~ Jill Thrussell

"Collette runs such a tight ship and I'm just a daily contradiction and annoyance to her system of neatness and order."  She explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

"Okay, my battle with choices of appropriate attire and personal preferences in clothing is over for today.  I'm done."   Zoe insisted as she grinned. ~ Jill Thrussell

"No, unfortunately on this occasion, I have to be a bit prejudice and discriminate against that particular item of clothing as it just won't fit in any of my suitcases."  Zoe replied as she quickly shook her head. ~ Jill Thrussell

Deep inside, Zoe just wanted Madeline to meet someone really nice for a change, someone who wasn't unreliable and someone who wasn't a commitment phoebe as Madeline deserved the very best but somehow she was always scrapping around in the gutter of heartbreak with the absolute worst. ~ Jill Thrussell

Despite the looming love matching vacation that sat delicately upon the horizon of speculative romance, just at the other end of their flight, Zoe simply couldn't resist a bit of a flirt as her attraction radar suddenly started to beep non-stop inside of her and it would not actually stop until she'd actually given the flight attendant, a flirtatious, verbal whirl. ~ Jill Thrussell

The view had been absolutely breathtaking and both women had been stirred inside by the utterly captivating sights which promised to keep them very far away from the destination of boredom. ~ Jill Thrussell

Madeline giggled.  "Seriously Zoe, don't you even dare think about flirting with a machine, I'm way too hungry and I need to eat."  She teased. ~ Jill Thrussell

"Creative love making, with a very hard, hard drive."  Zoe joked.~ Jill Thrussell

Friends usually tended to view each other through a lens that was more favorable, due to the adoration and love they actually held for each other and perhaps friends saw each other as more beautiful as they actually viewed each other through eyes of love, not eyes of unfamiliarity. ~ Jill Thrussell

Zoe smirked.  "Whereas we come from a large city where there are a lot of single men around, just not many good ones."  She mentioned. ~ Jill Thrussell

"I think they will definitely do it, even though we certainly haven't yet."  She teased as she winked at him flirtatiously. ~ Jill Thrussell

The occupants of the room held their breath as they watched quietly as curiosity and intrigue filled their minds and disbelief tugged away at their thoughts. ~ Jill Thrussell

Zoe could certainly see that Steven definitely had the hots for Louise and his actions clearly squashed any doubts that Louise might have in her mind regarding his interest, clarity could at times be a good thing but usually was only preferable when that interest was indeed, mutual. ~ Jill Thrussell

"Louise, don't settle for less than you really want."  Zoe advised.  "Or it could come to a very messy, muddy ending." ~ Jill Thrussell

"You mean a bit like your butt did this morning when you actually fell off that wall?"  Louise teased in response as she retaliated playfully to Zoe's jokes. ~ Jill Thrussell

Neither of the two men in Zoe's group in her opinion, were anywhere near as hot as Giovanni and that lack of appeal meant that her interest in them both was actually quite limited but she attempted to be polite towards them nonetheless. ~ Jill Thrussell

"How do you guys feel about the guys that we were put into groups with today?  Amongst all that mud was there, a love connection?"  Zoe teased as she giggled.  "Did your heart wallow in muddy attraction or was it just dirty grime that you couldn't wait to get rid of and shower off?" ~ Jill Thrussell

"The slippery slope of romantic compromise, next you'll be moving in with him and getting pregnant and then one day, when he really pisses you off, you'll be like, how the hell did I end up here, he's not even my type."  Zoe joked. ~ Jill Thrussell

No matter how hard Callum tried to actually impress her, all he'd been met with so far was a stiff, wooden plank of non-participation as Madeline had simply ignored his advances and shaken each one off as if they were dirty, unwanted specks of dirt that had gathered upon her clothes. ~ Jill Thrussell

Indeed, it was very natural that once someone had been very hurt that they would seek to protect themselves from their own judgment in the future as they would no longer trust it in its totality as human beings judged those they trusted and once that trust had been broken one to many times, the damage inflicted upon them certainly changed them as people. ~ Jill Thrussell

"You're totally forgiven in advance."  Zoe teased as she smiled at him in a seductive, flirtatious manner.  "Participation on this particular occasion supersedes competence." ~ Jill Thrussell

Now however, it was quite apparent that her inner beauty and joy was finally being restored and Zoe could see that happening slowly and surely each and every day as Madeline began to place her feet firmly back upon the ladder of life and romance and believe in herself once again.~ Jill Thrussell

Due to the extremely active day they'd just had participated in and the very physical nature of the activities they'd engaged in, they were all extremely tired and even quite worn out as the night gently wrapped its arms around them and darkness coated the air. ~ Jill Thrussell

"That means none of them have actually captured your romantic interest yet."  Zoe teased.  "You just can't be impartial when love sweeps you off your feet as it removes all doubt and every grain of indifference." ~ Jill Thrussell

Zoe glanced at Madeline's face thoughtfully as they talked, she sincerely hoped that perhaps one of those four remaining men would gently push her off the fence of indifference that she was right now, quite happily seated upon very comfortably and that perhaps one of those four men, would actually entice her to make an actual emotional, romantic commitment to them. ~ Jill Thrussell

Outside the windows of the operations room, darkness had already started to threaten to invade the day as the dusky pink clouds that had decorated the skyline, gradually started to darken and become a reddish crimson color. ~ Jill Thrussell

Boredom was a destination situated a hundred miles away from Zoe's ideal evening and that meant drastic action definitely had to be taken to find an alternative place and form of amusement in which to spend the next hour of her life. ~ Jill Thrussell

The night had gently wrapped its arms around the building as darkness had engulfed each of the windows and Samantha had eventually dozed off upon her chair, unable to keep her weary eyelids open any longer as they'd finally closed and surrendered to fatigue. ~ Jill Thrussell

"I'm the kind of program that enjoys interactive participation."  Vixen replied as she moved slightly closer to him once more and then delicately ran her fingers across his chest.  ~ Jill Thrussell

"The Recycle Bin can be a treacherous place for programs."  He explained to the three as he walked briskly back down the hallway.  "One wrong slip at the wrong time and it's virtually impossible to retrieve or restore you. ~ Jill Thrussell

"These nasty grey flannel trousers have absolutely no place in your wardrobe anymore Thomas and they have been completely and utterly evicted."  She'd explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

"That's the spirit Thomas you've got to fight for love.  You've got to get deep down in the trenches of devotion and become a love warrior and a gentleman, you've got to be strong, not a wimp."  She explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“I haven’t seen you around here before.  I would definitely have remembered.”  Virus said in a charming tone as he stretched out his hand out towards Madeline.  "Have you just been installed?"  He asked. ~ Jill Thrussell

Personality Analyzer suddenly broke the silence as he quietly muttered a response to the two human beings right beside him.  “You see, he’s not even faithful to Chemistry.”  He observed as he shook his head in disgust.  "He was just using her and feeding of her files in order to spread himself, he's a parasite." ~ Jill Thrussell

"Zoe you are absolutely insatiable."  Madeline replied as she gently shook her head. ~ Jill Thrussell

Their higher tolerance levels meant that the two women could actually consume quite a bit more alcohol before they actually hit their drunk and disorderly thresholds and became totally and utterly smashed and Zoe could now clearly see the difference between the three women's lifestyles almost immediately. ~ Jill Thrussell

She raised her eyebrows suggestively at Giovanni and then smiled as she invited him seductively not just to the holographic bonking room suite but also to a sexual exploration within their own imaginations.  "I'm game if you are." ~ Jill Thrussell

Giovanni smiled.  "Wow, high tech bonking, how advanced."  He teased. ~ Jill Thrussell

Regardless of the risky nature of her suggestion, Zoe took a deep breath as she prepared to dive straight into the depths of naughtiness and fully embrace her wild side without any reservations at all. ~ Jill Thrussell

The romantic ambience that surrounded them as they walked felt almost magical and Zoe was quickly seduced by the pleasant nature of her environment as she was literally swept of her feet by the beauty of the resort as she'd absolutely never, ever been in a place that was so breathtakingly stunning ever before. ~ Jill Thrussell

 Very recently, Louise had definitely warmed to Steven but whether that warming was enough to actually light the flames of passion inside her and stoke the embers of a romantic commitment, Zoe was completely unsure. ~ Jill Thrussell

Steven and Louise were a cute match but came nowhere near the sizzling altitude and heights that Giovanni and Zoe reached, upon the scale of romantic couplings and that was totally obvious to any human being on earth, computers and romantic love matching technology aside. ~ Jill Thrussell

Perhaps, Louise had been caught up in Steven's charms and his flattering advances and perhaps really, she'd allowed her own emotions to run away with themselves upon Steven's caravan of romantic promises that in reality wasn't actually the optimal romantic relationship for either of them. ~ Jill Thrussell

He had embraced their welcome as he'd quickly hopped of the Madeline romance bus which was going absolutely nowhere, or at least nowhere with him and jumped onto a bus of romantic optimism with a couple of more participative passengers. ~ Jill Thrussell

Hopefully, their bond of companionship and mutual appreciation would keep them both together and committed to each other whilst they sailed through the trials from the rocky waters of life which at some point in time would most certainly rock their love boat, Zoe mused. ~ Jill Thrussell

"I do tend to get very emotionally attached very quickly and way too early and my emotions then become a weapon which is actually used against me and that really hurts."  Madeline explained. ~ Jill Thrussell


Game Development


Meet the Main Characters

Rick: Scientist in charge of programming and maintaining Honey.

Samantha: Scientist in charge of reviewing the love matches made by Honey.

Becky:  Holographic Bonking Room Analyst.

Charlotte: Pairing activities co-ordinator and supervisor.

Honey: Matching speaking computer that interacts with staff of the love resort and matches the couples.  Sensual and very sexually attractive vocally.