Sophistidated (Love Inc)

The Story

Set in a futuristic world singles retreat to The Love Colony to find their ideal partner where they are paired by scientists who use scientific analysis.  The rational being that finding the ideal partner will result in the production of the perfect genetic offspring. However a virus infects Honey the computer with disastrous results and chaotic matching, throwing the whole system into disarray.  

Within the confines of the Love Colony there is a matching computer called Honey who makes the love matches and there is a holographic bonking suite that checks for sexual compatibility of candidates which is supervised by Becky the Holographic Bonking Room Analyst. When Honey is infected by a virus Rick and Becky have no choice but to enter into the maintenance area through the Holographic Suite in order to track down the rogue program and virus.  They meet several other programs personified within the computer system, like Personality Analyzer, Sexual Compatibility Assessor and Chemistry Analyzer inside Honey's internal system.  Chemistry Analyzer confesses she has fallen for Virus's charms,  and she assists them in that process and helps them to destroy Virus.

Meanwhile Zoe is deciding whether or not to get naughty and naked with Giovanni a handsome hunk she met who may not be on her list of compatible matches.  Rick and Samantha the two scientist in charge of the love matching process try to make things right by inviting mismatched guests back to a reunion at the resort under the guise of a special treat.  Our two female visitors Zoe and Madeline however throw a spanner in the works interrupting the plan and chaos ensues whilst Rick and Samantha attempt to re-match couples with the correct partner.  

Love Inc (The Love Machine) is the first book in the trilogy of romantic comedies.

Love Inc (Cyber Love) will be the second book in the series and is due for release in 2017.

Romantic comedy. WGA No 1783394

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Genre: Comedy/Romance

 The Love Colony!:: Written by Jill Thrussell  


“The final question danced across my lips and I was adamant my curiosity would be satisfied.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I smiled, I understood the abrupt departure and why he had to leave that way. If not we'd be caught up in another moment of passion and we'd get swept away by the lustful yearnings of the moment.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Could a computer really select and make better choices about our love lives and the emotional attachments we should have than we could?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“In some ways we balanced each others vices with our friendship and over the years I'd pulled her a little out of her shell and she had protected me from being too outrageous and going too far.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“It was so strange watching myself having sex with someone but not actually being physically involved but it was kind of exciting and it actually made my desire for real intimacy with Giovanni stronger and more passionate as I yearned for our night of passion to arrive.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“A lady always tries her best to be spectacular.” ~ Jill Thrussell





Game Development


Meet the Main Characters

Rick: Scientist in charge of programming and maintaining Honey.

Samantha: Scientist in charge of reviewing the love matches made by Honey.

Becky:  Holographic Bonking Room Analyst.

Charlotte: Pairing activities co-ordinator and supervisor.

Honey: Matching speaking computer that interacts with staff of the love resort and matches the couples.  Sensual and very sexually attractive vocally.