Scenarios Inc (Holo Haven)

The Story

Set in a futuristic world Tom Matthews a scientist has created a holographic haven where people come to live out their fantasies. People enter into this alternative reality and live out their wildest dreams. However Tom Matthew's plot is to keep them trapped there using their bodies as organ donors harvesting their organs to create mutated human beings he can control through mind control programs. John Tucker who is trapped in the alternative realm realizes and starts to form a task force to help himself and the other holograms trapped inside. He tries to find a way to return them to their human bodies before they are due to be mutilated.

During their time in the holographic realm, they visit the worlds they have created in their fantasies.  Simon, John's geeky friend creates a fantasy full of women who want him sexually to negate the unreciprocated advances he faces in reality.  John's cousin Amanda who insisted and dragged them into this vacation in the first place; a mischievous younger female creates a alien world which she rules as a queen.  She has to seek and find hidden lost treasures in the mysterious dark Caves of Yielden which host the spirits of the dead.   Guided in her quest by an alien from another planet and a knight they have to pass the trials of the caves to rescue the treasure.

John also meets a woman called Sarah a beautiful, intelligent, humanitarian who advocates against government experiments on humanity, who he takes quite a shine too.  Maverick a mature, quirky, eccentric with a special forces background is another guest at the resort who also joins in the quest to escape.  

During their quest to escape they are pitted against a control computer called Zeus that Tom Matthews has programmed to generate the holographic environments for guests on the resort.  Zeus however takes the situation into his own hands and attempts to antagonise them as they try to escape. Written by Jill Thrussell

Scenarios Inc (Holo Haven) is the first book in a trilogy.

Scenario's Inc (Persona's) is the second book in the trilogy and is due for release in 2017.


 “Perhaps this woman was not giving him any physical attention yet and he wanted to live out his fantasies, vicariously in an alternative holographic state.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“I restrained myself from making negative comments, he’d be discouraged, after all I was his best friend. If I wasn't on his side in this walk of life who would be?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“The thought prompted further questions in my mind for a moment, could holographic females who were generated by a computer to fulfill our fantasies actually consent?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“A new birth was replacing the horror we had experienced, the birth of a relationship filled with love, respect, passion, affection, joy and happiness it brought with it was starting to embrace us.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“A new birth was replacing the horror we had experienced, the birth of a relationship filled with love, respect, passion, affection and joy. The happiness it brought was starting to embrace us and healing the traumatic scars in our memories and minds. Our trusted companions, joy, love, peace and happiness could once more, find a place within our lives.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“My attention averted to a red head that was striking and stood out, as her red hair glistened and reflected in the dim lights of the bar” ~ Jill Thrussell

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Genre: Sci-Thriller-Horror 

 The Gemini Project!:: Movie Written & Directed  by Jill Thrussell  


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Meet the Main Characters

Tom Matthews - a crazy, mad scientist who created the Holo Haven to suit his own purposes.

Beth  - Tom Matthews side kick and love interest.

John Tucker - Alpha male, the hero.

Amanda - John Tucker's naive cousin.  Cheeky,  feisty, sensual woman with a very mischievous streak. 

Simon - geeky friend of John's who accompanies them on their trip to the resort.

Maverick - Special forces background, eccentric but highly effective.

Zeus - Holographic Software Programme controlled by Tom Matthews.